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    DECEMBER 2 , 2004
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'Mr. Manson' speaks to art history students

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images, courtesy mtvU

Not your average substitute teacher, rocker Marilyn Manson led discussion in Rob Main’s “Art and Society” class for 50 minutes in Barton Hall on Nov. 22.
The surprise visit was filmed by a crew from mtvU, MTV’s college network, for the latest episode of its “Stand In” series.
“The students were shocked,” Main said. “They were really impressed by Manson’s honest, down-to-earth attitude about art.”
The show will premiere on mtvU (channel 41 on the campus cable system) on Dec. 6 at noon and then repeat throughout the week.

Hillel J. Hoffmann

Exchange students give samba lesson in International Programs

Photo by Sarah Schultz

Wearing yellow and blue Brazil shirts, Camila Paixao (third from right), Joice Silva and Adriana Ribeiro led a samba dance class in the International Programs office last month during International Education Week, an annual national event sponsored by the U.S. State and Education departments.

The three are part of a group of Brazilian students who attended the Institute on Disabilities and the OnLine Learning program’s collaborative exchange program this semester, funded through a four-year, $203,182 grant from the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education. The US/Brazil Higher Education Program, titled “Promoting the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Society Through Assistive Technology: Culturally Appropriate Solutions,” includes two universities each in the United States and Brazil and was developed in order to examine how low- and high-tech assistive devices can help disabled students, regardless of their socio-economic status or cultural environments. For more information about the exchange, visit http://oll.temple.edu.

Podiatry students help at MS Walk

Photo by Jeanne Martino

School of Podiatric Medicine student Cory Hawley examines an athlete at the MS Challenge Walk in October. Howard Palamarchuk, assistant professor of orthopedics and sports medicine, and a dedicated group of students, faculty and alumni have provided foot support for the three-day, 50-mile hike for the past three years. Linda Reilly, who participated in the event, said that “the very professional team of podiatrists … was responsible for my daughter and me completing the trek. Instead of being crippled [by blisters], we were assisted, bandaged and sent on our way to the finish line.”


Kidney transplant patient share experiences
with pharmacy students

Photo by Kelly and Massa Photography

During National Pharmacy Week, four kidney transplant patients visited the School of Pharmacy to share their experiences with students. At right, Shirley Murphy details her daily medication routine, which patients track using extensive charts and large pill trays. Because it’s not unusual for transplant patients to have to take multiple medications several times a day, pharmacists play a critical role in helping them manage their routines.