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    NOVEMBER 17, 2005
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Janis Moore Campbell, associate director for the Center for Student Professional Development, Fox School of Business and Management, presented “Exploring Ethics — A Workshop for Employers and Career Services Professionals” at the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers annual conference on Aug. 9.

William Dunkelberg, economics professor at The Fox School of Business, testified on the minimum wage bill at the Sept. 6 hearing held on Senate Bill 369 at Temple. He also spoke at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs in Hershey on Sept. 20, at the South Jersey builders on Sept. 20 and at the National Association for Business Economics in Chicago on Sept. 25–27. Dunkelberg also presented a speech at the annual Job Fair of the Certified Financial Analysis at the Philadelphia Convention Center, on the economic impact of the hurricanes, on Sept. 29.

Boris Iglewicz, professor of statistics at The Fox School of Business, presented “The Merck/Temple Partnership: A Mutually Exclusive Successful Relationship” at the Joint Statistical Meetings on Aug. 10 in Minneapolis.

Masaaki Kotabe, Washburn Chair of International Business and Marketing at The Fox School of Business, gave a research presentation on his article “How Far Can Service Outsourcing Globalize?” at the 2005 Academy of Management Meeting from Aug. 5–10. At the same conference, he presented his research, “Tacit Knowledge Integration Capabilities in the Auto Industry: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective.” At the 2005 Academy of International Business annual meetings, from July 9–12, Kotabe presented “Tacit Knowledge Integration Capabilities iStrategic Modularization: A Study of Automakers in Brazil.” On June 30, he presented “Outsourcing and Market Performance,” at the Marketing Innovation 21st Century Symposium, Japan Marketing Association, in Tokyo.

Jonathan Scott, finance professor at The Fox School of Business served as a panelist on agricultural and small business financing at the Federal Housing Finance Board Symposium on the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Collateral Powers and the Federal Home Loan Banks: Challenges and Opportunities on Sept. 27 in Washington, D.C.

Two members of the Temple academic advising staff, Stephanie Smith, of the College of Liberal Arts, and Ruby Singh, of the College of Science and Technology, presented at the National Academic Advising Association National Conference in Las Vegas in October. They presented “No More ‘Nobody Told Me’: Using technology to Create a Student-Centered Advising System.” Academic adviser Kristen diNovi helped design the presentation but was unable to attend the conference. The presentation provided an overview of the Advising Database and the new feature, the Advising Session Reports. Of the approximately 170 attendees, 106 returned evaluations, which were overwhelmingly positive.

Ted Tedrick, professor at the School of Tourism and Hospitality and Management, presented results from a study of the meaning and benefits of Special Olympics for adult athletes at the 2005 SP-ISRA World Championships in New London, Conn., on July 8. He presented case study data showing the changes athletes experience and how this affects perceptions of the championship program.


Larry Atkins, journalism adjunct professor in the School of Communications and Theater, recently published Larry the Liberal Lawyer Lashes Out, a “best of” collection of his op-eds and essays over the years. He has written for many major news sources, including The Philadelphia Inquirer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Dallas Morning News, National Public Radio, Newsday, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Norm Baglini, professor in the risk, insurance and healthcare management department at The Fox School of Business, guest edited the July 2005 special issue of The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurances—Issues and Practice on “Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.”

William Dunkelberg, economics professor at The Fox School of Business and Management, and Jonathan Scott, finance professor at The Fox School of Business and Management, published their paper “The ‘Output Gap’ and Excess Labor Employment” in the July issue of Business Economics.

Thomas Getzen, professor of risk, insurance and healthcare management, the Fox School of Business and Management, published “Bariatric Surgery and the Financial Reimbursement Cycle” in the Spring 2005 issue of Journal of Health Care Finance. The article was co-written by Fox alumna Anna Schoenthal.

Masaaki Kotabe, Washburn Chair of International Business and Marketing at The Fox School of Business, published: “Orthogonal Bases Approach for Comparing Nonnormal Continuous Distributions” in the April 2005 edition of Journal of International Business Studies; “Exploring Robust Design Capabilities, Their Role in Creating Global Products, and Their Relationship to Firm Performance” in the March 2005 edition of Journal of Product Innovation Management; and “How Technology Transfer Really Occurs on the Factory Floor: A Case of Major Japanese Automotive Die Manufacturer in the United States,” in the February 2005 edition of Journal of World Business. Kotabe wrote a chapter, “Competitive (Dis)advantage of Outsourcing Strategy,” in the book Sourcing Decision Management, which was published in June 2005.

Edward Rosenthal, associate professor of management science/operations management, The Fox School of Business and Management, published an essay, “Rationality,” in the July 8 edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

David Smith, professor of risk, insurance and healthcare management, The Fox School of Business and Management, published an article, “The Politics of Racial Disparities: Desegregating the Hospitals in Jackson Mississippi,” in the summer edition of Milbank Quarterly.

WRTI continues to garner broadcasting awards

WRTI, Temple’s public radio station, placed finalists in eight categories for the 2005 Philadelphia March of Dimes A.I.R. (Achievement In Radio) Awards. Two of those were announced as winners on Nov. 9: Jim Hilgen’s “Temple View: Jazz appreciation” won the Best College Radio News or Public Affairs Anchor/Host category, and Hilgen’s “Temple View: Race in America” won Best College Radio Documentary.

Finalists were: Best Weekend Show Host or Team: Jill Pasternak, “Crossover with Jill Pasternak”; Best Locally Produced Public Affairs Program: Maridee Duddleston, “Type 2 Diabetes,” and Jim Cotter (with contributors Therese Madden, Jason Peifer and Albert Stumm), “Creatively Speaking”; Best One-Time Topical or Entertainment Program: Jim Cotter, “Creatively Speaking — With the Philadelphia Orchestra in Asia”; PECO Energy Power Category: Best One-Time News Program: Windsor Johnston, “The Future of Israel,” and Jim Hilgen, “Hurricane Katrina Aftermath”; Best Editorial — Uncontested: Tom DiNardo (writer) and Jim Cotter (producer), “Arts vs. Sports”; Best College Radio News or Public Affairs Anchor/Host: Cassandra Kramer, “Sunday Morning Newscast”, and Chanteé Lans, “WRTI Sports”; and Best College Radio Entertainment Program/On-Air Personality: Edwin McKnight, Bob Craig, Maureen Malloy and Vic Scarpato, Fall Fund Drive 05.

In April 2005, WRTI’s Bob Perkins was nominated by the Jazz Journalist Association for the prestigious 2005 Excellence in Jazz Broadcasting/the Willis Conover-Marian McPartland Award. In May 2005, WRTI’s Jill Pasternak and Joe Patti received a 2005 Award for Excellence in Broadcasting, the Judge’s Merit Award, from the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters for their specialty program “Crossover” featuring Maestro Riccardo Muti, which aired on WRTI on Feb. 12.

Temple engineering students shine at microelectronics symposium

The IMAPS 38th annual International Symposium on Microelectronics was held in the Philadelphia Convention Center on Sept. 25–29. The Temple student IMAPs chapter, under the leadership of Zdenka Delalic, helped with registration, monitored professional courses taught at the symposium and helped with equipment that was needed for presentation.

The Temple student chapter had its own booth along with about six other universities. The Temple booth had 10 poster presentations of electrical and computer engineering students and one with a mechanical engineering student. The Temple students also had two hardware units displayed at the booth. Finally, five papers from Temple’s electrical and computer engineering department were presented. The poster presentations was in cooperation with K&S Industries Inc., Tyco Electronics, Penn State’s Nanofabrication Facility and Temple’s Medical School. The Temple IMAPS student chapter was awarded first prize and $500 for booth competition.

Members of the Temple team included Son Nguyen, Sima Borah, Son Vo, Srihari Pamanji, Asha Seshadri, Raghu Chintakunta, Branko Bogicevic, Deepthi Kurra, Shankaran Janardhanan, Vishnu Kurra and Dyvia Dornadula.