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    NOVEMBER 17, 2005
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New software deals available to students, faculty and staff

In a world of overpriced everything, nothing hits home like a sweet steal of a deal. In partnership with JourneyEd Inc., Temple is giving faculty and staff just that.

Last fall, in partnership with JourneyEd, Temple introduced the Microsoft Student Select program to all current students. This program allows students to purchase popular Microsoft software at more than 60 percent off the list price. Now, the program has been expanded to allow Temple faculty and staff to enjoy the same savings. Unlike Temple’s Software Site Licensing Program, this benefit is designed for personal use.

Temple employees are now eligible to purchase Office Professional 2003 and Windows XP Professional Upgrade for the low price of $74.98 or bundled together for $149.98.

New benefits have been added for students, as well. In addition to the current savings on Microsoft software, Temple students can now purchase Adobe Acrobat Professional and Creative Suite at more than 50 percent off the list price. Creative Suite, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, InDesign and Acrobat, is now available for $199.98. Students can also purchase a standalone version of Acrobat Professional for $49.98.

It’s easy to take advantage of the latest software titles without breaking the bank. For more information on the discounted prices and to purchase software, visit www.journeyed.com/select.

Security Tip: Destroy your data

At a time when we hear almost daily warnings about computer viruses, worms, phishing and hackers, it may surprise you to learn that one of the most common forms of computer attack doesn’t even happen on a computer. It happens in a trash can. Criminals literally search through the trash at landfills looking for information. This so-called “dumpster diving” is one of the major sources of the personal information that enables criminals to steal your identity.

Many people simply throw away bills, bank statements, medical information and other documents that contain account numbers, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and other key personal information. Armed with this information, criminals can easily pretend to be you.

Paper documents that contain personal information such as Social Security numbers, grades, health-related information or financial information must not only be discarded; they must be destroyed. Experts recommend that these documents be burned or shredded prior to disposal.

Generally, there are two types of small shredders: strip-cut and cross-cut. Of these two, cross-cut does a better job of destroying the information. A reliable cross-cut home shredder can be purchased for as little as $40, a true bargain when you consider the cost of trying to recover your good name and credit rating.