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    NOVEMBER 4, 2004
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Flu vaccine update

Temple University Hospital has been notified that this year’s shortage of influenza vaccine will limit its supply. Temple is following the CDC recommendations with regard to distribution, and is working to ensure the maximum benefit from that supply.

Distribution of the vaccine — to Temple University Hospital employees only — has been prioritized according to four tiers. Last month, department heads were responsible for ensuring that hospital employees were correctly prioritized.

Deadline for submitting research proposals Dec. 6

The deadline for all faculty to submit proposals for the first round of this year’s Return of Overhead Research Incentive Grant Program is Monday, Dec. 6. Proposals submitted to this round will be reviewed in early January and funded in early February. The program will target the Junior Faculty Grant Program and the Bridge Grant Program.

For more information, visit the Office of the Vice President for Research & Graduate Studies Web site at www.research.temple.edu.

LGBT studies minor introduced

The College of Liberal Arts has introduced a new minor in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender studies. The minor analyzes gender, sexuality and sexual orientation as they are understood by various disciplines and in cross-cultural perspectives.

The minor enables students to become familiar with concepts, theories, history, literature and political and sociological issues concerning the LGBT community. It also gives students an opportunity to examine and think critically about the intersections of sexuality, sex and gender, and become aware of the diversity of attitudes about sexuality in different cultures and historical eras. The minor is open to students within any major.

On Thursday, Nov. 4, Patricia Melzer, director of women’s studies, will lead a roundtable discussion on the LGBT studies minor. The discussion begins at 4 p.m. in Anderson Hall, Women’s Studies Lounge, eighth floor.

For more information about the new minor, visit www.temple.edu/womenstu/lgbt.html.

Participants needed for psychology study

Participants are needed for a paid study in the psychology department that examines factors that may be related to future success in college and work. To determine whether you are eligible to participate in the POST study, you can complete three online screener questionnaires, which take about 25 minutes to complete. All individuals who complete the three online questionnaires are automatically entered into a lottery to win a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card.

Temple students between 18 and 24 years old who are interested in completing the POST screener questionnaires can e-mail Jennifer Steinberg at jstein05@temple.edu. In this e-mail, please state the following: 1) your first and last name, and 2) how you learned about the study.