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    NOVEMBER 4, 2004
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The Association of University Programs in Health Administration has appointed

Jacqueline Zinn
, professor of healthcare management, to represent AUPHA on the Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Management Education. In her role with the commission, Zinn is responsible for review of accredited healthcare management programs and making recommendations to the commission with respect to accreditation status. She is serving on the commission during a time of transition. The commission is revising the standards and criteria of accreditation to increase the level of accountability of accredited healthcare management programs to the field of practice.



Mary Edsall, curator of the Philadelphia Dance Collection, has been awarded $10,000 by the National Endowment for the Arts for a project titled “Creating Access to Cultural Traditions in Dance.” The award, effective July 1, 2004, through Jan. 31, 2006, will provide access to four multi-format archival dance collections: the Pennsylvania Ballet, Philadanco, Philadelphia Fringe Festival, and the Kariamu Welsh Asante archives, as well as part of the International Centre for African Music and Dance collection at Swarthmore College.


Thomas Anderson Jr., associate vice president of community relations, was a panelist at the “Prostate Cancer 101 Dinner Lecture Series” in Philadelphia, part of the National Physician Family Referral Prostate Cancer Survivor Guide Seminar Series.

Dorothy Cebula, director of Disability Resources and Services, a department of the Division of Student Affairs, was a panelist for an Internet audioconference called “Universal Design for Learning: Effective Teaching and Learning Methods for Students of All Learning Abilities” on Oct. 12. The conference was sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Consortium on Accessible Information Technology in Education.

The Fox School’s Cheryl Leeser and Rani Thiramongkol, assistant directors of the professional M.B.A. and M.B.A. programs, and Linda Deininger, assistant director of the full-time M.B.A. and M.S. programs, presented ideas for improving the delivery of student services to graduate student populations at the M.B.A. Student Service Professionals conference in New Orleans on Oct. 1.

Statistics professors Richard Heiberger and Burt Holland recently presented an all-day short course based on their just-published graduate-level text, Statistical Analysis and Data Display: An Intermediate Course with Applications in S-Plus, R, and SAS, at the International Joint Statistical Meetings in Toronto. Heiberger and Holland also recently presented a one-hour webcast of highlights on their textbook. A repeat of the live broadcast is available at http://insightful.com/news_events/webcasts/pharm04/heiberger.asp. The Web site of the text itself is www.springeronline.com/0-387-40270-5.

Statistics associate professor Mark Sobel recently gave a presentation on bioinformatics at a mini-symposium held at the Medical School’s Student Center.


A paper by accounting associate professor Sharad Asthana and professor Steve Balsam, “The Effect of Enron, Andersen, and Sarbanes-Oxley on the market for audit services,” (published with Sungsoo Kim of Rutgers University) was recently listed on Social Sciences Research Network’s top 10 download list for “Corporate Governance U.S. (Topic) Recent Hits.”
Arvind Phatak, the Carnell professor of Management and International Business and Management, recently published a book, International Management: Managing in a Diverse and Dynamic Global Environment, co-authored with professors Roger Kashlak and Rabi Bhagat.
Fox School economics professor Ingrid Rima recently had two articles published in the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics: “Increasing returns, new growth theory, and the classicals” and “China’s trade reform: Verdoorn’s Law married to Adam Smith’s ‘vent for surplus’ principle.”