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    OCTOBER 7, 2004
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Telecommunications service requests can be submitted online

In a continuing effort to provide quality service to the Temple community, the Office of Telecommunications has announced a new enhancement to its online forms. You can now fill out and submit service requests online.

Faculty and staff with billing questions, who need an I.P. address to connect to the Internet or who want a voice mailbox can now fill out and submit these requests on the Web. Residence hall students can also submit forms electronically to transfer or disconnect telephone service and to inquire about telephone or Internet charges.

In order to access these forms on the Web, you must log in with your AccessNet user name and password. These forms are also available in Excel, Word and PDF formats.

To view the forms online, go to the Office of Telecommunications Web site at www.temple.edu/cs/telecommunications/forms.htm.

Personalize your e-mail address with TUmail

In addition to the standard Temple e-mail address, all TUmail account holders have the option to create an alternate e-mail name in their address known as an alias or nickname. This feature is particularly helpful if your standard e-mail address is difficult for people to type or remember.

For example, if your address is mcruz009@temple.edu, you could create an alias of m.cruz@temple.edu or marcie.cruz@temple.edu.

You have the option to create up to five different aliases. As a University standard, an alias of firstname.lastname@temple.edu is automatically assigned to you when your account is created. If this alias was not created for you, it means that it was already assigned to someone else who has the same name.

Mail sent to your aliases will go to your TUmail account. In fact, you can use your aliases to organize incoming mail. If you set up a filter for an alias, TUmail will automatically place all incoming mail messages sent to that alias directly in a specified folder.

To learn how to create an alias and more, go to www.temple.edu/cs/tumail/aliases.html.

Tech group to focus on ePortfolio

In the field of education, ePortfolio is a hot area of development. An ePortfolio system allows students to maintain an organized, digital collection of work throughout their educational careers. The portfolio can be used to showcase projects and also to track professional development and improvements in a particular area of study. Moreover, the portfolio can be made available online for feedback and review by potential employers.

On Thursday, Oct. 7, from noon to 1 p.m., in Tuttleman Learning Center, room 209, faculty and staff are invited to attend the Instructional Technologies Users Group event to learn about Temple’s ePortfolio pilot program. The event will feature a demonstration of the program and offer the opportunity to participate in the pilot.

For more information on this ITUG event, go to www.temple.edu/cs/isc.