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    OCTOBER 6, 2005
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Program aims to educate men about rape

Photo courtesy NO MORE
The One in Four RV Tour, coming to Temple Oct. 13, is intended to educate men about how to prevent rape from occurring and also how to help someone who has survived rape or sexual assault.

Tuttleman Counseling Services will sponsor the One in Four RV Tour on Oct. 13 as part of its ongoing mission to reduce sexual violence at Temple.

The One in Four RV Tour is a nationwide program presented by the National Organization of Men’s Outreach for Rape Education (NO MORE). It is intended to educate men about how to prevent rape and sexual assault from occurring and also how to help someone who is a survivor of rape or sexual assault.

The title of the program refers to the statistic that one in four college women has been the victim of rape or attempted rape since age 14.

One in Four advocates the use of a comprehensive approach to rape prevention that includes many research-based efforts, said Daniel Carlile, executive director of NO MORE.

“I really think [One in Four] is a great initiative to get involved with,” said Michael Hanowitz, coordinator of the Sexual Assault Counseling and Education program. “I’m hoping that we get around 400 or 500 men to attend the event. Our main target for the program is men from fraternities, freshman dormitories and sports teams.”

Hanowitz said that after years of reading literature and positive reviews of the program, he decided it would be a worthwhile and important message to bring to Temple’s campus.

“[One in Four] is a professional program offered just for men, that helps get that awareness out there that reporting sexual assault is very necessary,” Hanowitz said. “They also teach men how to step in and stop assault from happening on campus.”

The program includes four presentations in Kiva Auditorium, Ritter Hall annex. For more information, visit www.temple.edu/counseling.

- By Karen Shuey