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    OCTOBER 6, 2005
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Security Tip: Don’t forget to protect your home computer

For a greatly discounted price, Temple is offering the same powerful antivirus software that protects the PCs connected to our network. Current students, faculty and staff are eligible to purchase the latest version of Symantec AntiVirus software on CD. This version will protect most computers running recent Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

The cost is only $8 per CD, payable by employee payroll deduction or added to students’ tuition bills. For those who purchased the previous Temple version of Symantec AntiVirus on CD, a free upgrade is available for download. For details, go to www.temple.edu/antivirus.

Check your junk mail folder

TUmail has a junk mail filter that flags spam messages and places them in your junk mail folder. Messages remain in your junk mail folder for 30 days and are then deleted. Mail filtering is not perfect, however, since spam messages are sometimes overlooked, while legitimate messages are flagged as junk mail.

If you notice a spam message in your Inbox, open it and select “This is Spam.” The sender will then be added to the Black List and the message will be moved to the junk mail folder. By being added to the Black List, all future messages from that person will be automatically flagged as spam and placed in the junk mail folder.

You should also periodically check your junk mail folder in TUmail. If a legitimate message appears, open it, and then click on “This is Not Spam” followed by “OK.” This will add the sender to the White List and move the message to the inbox.

For more information on using TUmail features, go to www.temple.edu/cs/tumail.

Advice available on purchasing computers

Computer Business Services assists departments in reviewing computer configurations that are appropriate for their technology needs, and also processes technology requests for the entire University. Since July 1, Computer Business Services has processed more than 800 orders for technology-related products and services.

To assist departments in the ordering process, Computer Business Services has developed standard desktop and notebook configurations and made them available online through the Dell Web site. To view the standard configurations, go to the Computer Business Services Web site at www.temple.edu/cs/business.

On the site, click on “Technology Order Center,” and then on the “Build Your Own Dell” icon. If you have never used the site, you must first create a user profile by clicking on “Add an access code and key.” Then, type “temple” (all lowercase letters, no quote marks) in the access code box and “owls1” in the access key box. Then click “Submit.”

In addition to the standard recommendations, you can also use the site to configure your own system.

If you have any questions or need help with technology-related purchases, contact Computer Business Services at 215-204-5000.