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    OCTOBER 28, 2004
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Faculty portal upgraded

In August, Computer Services introduced a new tab available only to instructors called “Course Tools.” This new tab iis part of a faculty portal that is designed to provide access to online resources and information specifically of interest to instructors.

Computer Services is happy to announce that Phase 2 of the faculty portal is ready and was made available on Monday, Oct. 25. The new features of the faculty portal include:

• A “Faculty Links” box that replaces the “TUlinks” box on the “My Portal” screen and contains links to resources frequently used by faculty.
• A “TUlibrary” tab that enables access to University library resources from off campus without configuring the browser to go through Temple’s proxy server. (Students also have access to this tab.)
• A “My Backpack” tab that provides access to a pilot system for storing, sharing and accessing your personal files online using a Web browser. (Students also have access to this tab.)
• Turnitin plagiarism-detection software that will be available through the “Assignments” tool in Blackboard courses. (More information will be provided to faculty who use Blackboard on how to use this resource.)
• A Course Tools tab for easy access to class lists and other course-related tasks.

Installing the new faculty portal will remove any customization previously made to the “My Portal” screen.

Over the next two weeks, please feel free to visit one of the Instructional Support Center locations for a preview of the faculty portal. ISC consultants will be happy to demonstrate the new features of the portal and answer any questions. For a list of ISC locations and hours,
visit www.temple.edu/cs/isc.

Web site logs latest system alerts

For breaking news about the current state of Temple’s computer systems, network and more, tune in to the System Status Web Page. The site includes announcements on system outages, network operations, telephone availability, maintenance that affects resources, computer viruses, and e-mail frauds and hoaxes. The Computer Services help desk staff maintains this site and keeps it current for the Temple community as events unfold.

To view the site, click on the System Status link on the Computer Services Web site
at www.temple.edu/cs.

Aliases operational in Temple Web addresses

If you currently have a personal Web page on Temple’s Astro system, you can now use your aliases in your Web address. For example, if your current Web address is
http:// astro.temple.edu/~mcruz009 and you created an alias of marcie.cruz, you can access your Web page by typing http://astro.temple.edu/~marcie.cruz. If you created more than one alias, they will all work.

For information on creating aliases, see “Using E-mail Aliases” at