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    OCTOBER 27, 2005
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CST’s Davis wins Cope Award for work in organic chemistry


Franklin A. Davis, professor of organic chemistry in the College of Science and Technology, has been named a recipient of a 2006 Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award by the American Chemical Society.

The Cope Scholar Awards recognize excellence in organic chemistry and are considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the field of chemistry. Davis receives an award of $5,000 and a $40,000 unrestricted grant in support of his research. He will also deliver an invited talk on his research during the Arthur C. Cope Symposium at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco next September.

A member of the chemistry faculty since 1995, Davis is best known for research in two new areas of chemistry that he originated, N-sulfonyloxaziridines and sulfinimines, which have resulted in new reagents that bear his name and are widely used by the chemistry community worldwide.

“This award is great recognition for our research, which is really used around the globe in academic and industrial laboratories, and also for my postdocs, graduate students and the undergraduates who’ve worked with me,” Davis said. “Without great students who extend the chemistry to make these discoveries and allow us to go in new directions, none of this would be possible. And of course, it’s great recognition for the chemistry department and for Temple University.”

At Temple, Davis heads one of the largest research groups in the College of Science and Technology, and is currently focused on inventing new chemical reactions, which have the potential to result in new and improved drugs.

“There are all sorts of things you need as a researcher to be successful,” Davis said. “You need great students, good facilities and infrastructure, good office support personnel, and great colleagues that you can talk to about your ideas. Temple has really provided me with all of that.

I would think that if I had not been at Temple, I would not have received this award.”

Davis also thanked Carolyn Adams, who served as dean of Temple’s former College of Arts and Sciences for persuading him to join the University in 1995 from Drexel University, where he had served as the George S. Sasin Professor of Organic Chemistry since 1986.

Davis is a member of Temple’s Million Dollar Research Award Club and was the 2000 recipient of the University’s Research Award. His other honors and awards include Drexel University’s Research Achievement Award (1980), the Philadelphia Section American Chemical Society Award (1982), an extension for “Special Creativity” from the National Science Foundation (1990–92) and a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship (1992).

The Arthur C. Cope Scholar Awards were established in 1984 by the ACS Board of Directors, on recommendation from the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry, under the terms of the will of Arthur C. Cope. The Cope Scholar Awards are supported by income from the Arthur C. Cope Fund administered by ACS. Ten award recipients are named annually.

- By Preston M. Moretz