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    OCTOBER 27, 2005
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Faculty, staff can have big impact at TU

What could 7,000 Temple employees do if they were to pull “Together for Temple”?


“We have the ability to make an incredible difference in the future of Temple University,” said Richard Englert, deputy provost and dean of the University College. “We can advance Temple’s mission and bring even greater levels of pride by coming together right now and supporting the University.”

Englert is one of three co-chairs for “Together for Temple,” the first comprehensive faculty and staff campaign. In addition to the co-chairs, the campaign is being lead by a committee that represents every facet of the University.

In his almost 30 years at Temple, Englert has seen the University evolve and grow, especially in the past decade.

“I remember the days when you could walk down to the Bell Tower blindfolded and you wouldn’t bump into another person,” he said with a chuckle. “Today, you have to wind your way through a crowd of students, faculty and staff.

“There’s a sense of energy here that gets me excited about coming to work every day,” said Englert. “You can practically see this place growing before your eyes. The changes that are taking place here are incredible.”

Keeping that evolution moving is part of the reason why he agreed to take a leadership role in the campaign. He’s also grateful for the chance to build a professional life at Temple.

“I have had a tremendous career here, and I honestly thank my stars for all the opportunities that I have had at Temple,” he said. “This campaign is a way that I can give back, so that someday others will have the same kinds of opportunities, whether it’s a student, a member of the faculty or another employee.”

Giving back is also important for Alvin Greenspan, professor emeritus in the College of Engineering, and another campaign co-chair.


“I went to college on a scholarship funded by a generous individual, so supporting scholarship is my way of replaying that generosity,” Greenspan said. “My long association with the University taught me that Temple has a lot to give to society and is worthy of my investment.”

Greenspan’s generosity includes a substantial gift to establish an endowed scholarship that will provide full-time tuition support to four undergraduates in the College of Engineering. The four Greenspan Scholars will be selected based on academic merit and financial need.

And while he has already made a monetary commitment, Greenspan didn’t hesitate to also give his time and energy to serve as a campaign co-chair.

“When they asked, I said yes right away,” he said. “I would do anything for Temple.”

While gifts like Greenspan’s are important, the faculty and staff campaign is encouraging everyone to participate at any level, said Audrey Uknis, associate professor at the School of Medicine and associate dean of admissions.

“We encourage everyone to be generous at their own level of capability,” said Uknis, a campaign co-chair who holds two Temple degrees. “No gift is too small. And, certainly, no gift is too large.”


In addition, faculty and staff can be very specific in designating what types of programs their gifts will support. For instance, at the School of Medicine, Uknis said the opportunities to make a difference for both students and the school are clear.

“We have exciting building plans to fund, and also the chance to help our students to bear the very significant financial burden they face,” Uknis said.

And for those who might wonder why they should give money back to their employer, Englert has a ready response.

“Just think for a minute about what Temple’s given to each of us,” he said. “For me, giving back to Temple just makes sense.”

For more about “Together for Temple,” go to www.fscampaign.temple.edu.

See a complete list of "Together for Temple" campaign committee members at www.fscampaign.temple.edu/members.html.

- By Ray Betzner