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    OCTOBER 27, 2005
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Dental students jump at chance to volunteer at ADA conference

Photo by Kelly & Massa
Second-year dental student Amy Gravath performs head and neck oral screening on a patient at the American Dental Association conference in October.

When a gathering of the country’s largest dental association was held in their backyard, 70 Temple dental students jumped at the chance to take part in October’s American Dental Association Annual Session and Technical Exhibition at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in downtown Philadelphia.

The second-largest conference in Philadelphia history (second only to the 2000 Republican National Convention), the event brought 30,000 dental students, faculty members and practitioners from across the United States back to the City of Brotherly Love after a 60-year hiatus. As volunteers, the dental students provided health screenings, directions and information to conference attendees.

Other Temple highlights at the ADA conference included:

• Martin F. Tansy, dean of the School of Dentistry, offered the convocation address at a reception during the International College of Dentists’ annual meeting, held in conjunction with the ADA conference.

• In his presentation titled “Microbiological Testing and Systemic Antibiotics in Periodontics,” Thomas E. Rams, senior associate dean in the department of periodontology and director of Temple’s Oral Microbiology Testing Service Laboratory, discussed his lab’s role in identifying the optimal antibiotic treatment for patients with gum disease.

• Amit Chattopadhyay, assistant professor in the department of dental informatics, discussed unreimbursed dental charges and the barriers in accessing oral healthcare that out-of-pocket costs create for many American during his “Rising Stars” presentation titled “Charity Care! Who Does Not Pay Back for Dental Treatment?”

- By Tory Harris