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    OCTOBER 21, 2004
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Critical updates released for Windows and Macintosh

Ariel Silverstone, chief information security officer, announced the following information regarding updates for Windows, Microsoft Office and Macintosh.

Microsoft has released a number of critical patches for all Windows operating systems, with the number of updates varying from one to nine depending on your computer's operating system and service pack. For security reasons, it is important that you install these patches by running Windows Update. For instructions on how to run Windows Update, go to:
www.temple.edu/cs/windowsupdateinstructions.htm. This site also includes instructions on how to set up your computer to obtain Windows Updates automatically.

Critical updates for Microsoft Office are also available by going to
http://officeupdate.microsoft.com. To check for updates, select Check for Updates in the main box.

In addition, Apple has released security updates for Macintosh OS X versions 10.2.x and 10.3.x. To determine the version of your computer, click on the Apple icon and select About This Mac.

To perform a Macintosh update, select the Apple icon and click on System Preferences. Then click on Software Update and select Check Now. You can then select the updates and follow the prompts to have them installed. For more information on Macintosh updates, go to www.apple.com/support.

If you have any questions about these updates, please contact the Help Desk at

Smart Classrooms Enhanced Across Campus

Since the end of the 2004 Spring Semester, more than 20 classrooms on the Main Campus have been converted to smart classrooms and 12 existing smart classrooms have had major renovations and/or equipment upgrades.

The new smart classrooms include 14 rooms in the Tuttleman Learning Center and three rooms in Barton Hall. These rooms, which were formerly served by carts, have been converted into a new style of classroom, called a Level 3 classroom. Level 3 classrooms are equipped with:

•  Permanently installed lectern-size podiums

•  Pentium 4 PCs with Internet access, DVD players, and flat-screen monitors

•  Patch panels for laptops and/or other devices

•  Push-button remotes for control of media devices (touch-screen controls are coming soon)

•  VCRs

•  Ceiling mounted video/data (multimedia) projector

•  Larger projection screens

One of the converted smart classrooms in Tuttleman features a wide-screen data projector and screen for the display of 16x9 images.

Improvements were also made to eight lecture halls during the summer months.   The renovated lecture halls are located in Anderson Hall (AL14), Barton Hall (BA130 and BA140), Beury Hall (BE160, BE162, BE164, and BE166), and Engineering and Architecture (EA126). The improvements include:

•  New or upgraded permanently installed podiums

•  Pentium 4 PCs with Internet access, DVD players, and flat-screen monitors

•  Digital document cameras

•  VCRs and/or DVD players

•  Touch-screen controls of all media and room darkening

•  Patch panels for external devices such as a laptop

•  Audio systems controlled from the touch-screen remote panel;

•  Ceiling or booth-mounted hi-lumen video/data (multimedia) projector;

•  Remotely controlled projection screens (AL14 contains a wide-screen projection unit and screen for 16x9 viewing)

•  Upgraded facilities such as new carpeting, paint, seating, and lighting

Tuttleman's computer lab classrooms have been upgraded as well. More than 140 new PCs/Macintoshes were purchased for these labs.

Additional upgrades are planned for this year including three new smart classrooms in Barton Hall and three new smart classrooms in Ritter Hall.