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    OCTOBER 20, 2005
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Council aims to nurture entrepreneurship

Photo by Marisa Doan
Rebecca Davis, a Fox School of Business alumna who majored in entrepreneurship and now heads the Rebecca Davis Dance Company, will be a panelist at the school’s Conference for Entrepreneurship in the Arts on Oct. 28. The conference is part of an initiative to encourage entrepreneurship throughout Temple, across a range of disciplines.
In today’s economy, entrepreneurship is not just for business majors.

Recognizing this, The Fox School of Business and Management has been promoting one of its key tenets — entrepreneurship throughout Temple. Leading the way is the school’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, which recently created the Temple University Council on Entrepreneurship to unite all 17 schools and colleges at Temple in helping students, staff, faculty and alumni strive toward entrepreneurial success.

According to Chris Pavlides, executive director of the IEI, the goal of TUCE is to “provide an alternative career for students and inspire them to think entrepreneurially. In addition to their own field, they can decide at some point to start a business of their own. We’re trying to give them the tools and experience they need.”

A $50,000 grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation made this cross-school collaboration possible. David Barsky, who is pursuing his doctorate in business, used part of the grant, under Pavlides’ supervision, to survey and identify the large need for entrepreneurship education throughout the University. TUCE was created from this initiative.

“Enabling entrepreneurship is at the core of the Fox mission,” said M. Moshe Porat, dean of the Fox School. “I’m happy that entrepreneurship at Temple is thriving. Students, faculty and staff from every Temple school are participating in both IEI and TUCE programs and are developing their own ideas.”

Each Temple school and college is represented in the council through a senior administrator. In August, the council held its inaugural monthly meeting at The Fox School and adopted TUCE’s charter. The September meeting was held at the School of Communications and Theater.

Betsy Leebron, professor of broadcasting, telecommunications and mass media at the School of Communications and co-chair of Temple’s League for Entrepreneurial Women, said, “It’s great to be in a room where everyone is interested in entrepreneurship. For students who don’t come from a business background, this will be a good opportunity to have a firsthand experience of the business world.”

TUCE’s efforts to integrate entrepreneurship across Temple will become visible this month, with the Conference on Entrepreneurship in the Arts: “From Talent to Venture.” According to Pavlides, the goal of the conference is to inform students who wish to pursue careers in the visual and performing arts that there are other options for them.

Co-sponsored by The Fox School, the School of Communications and Theater, the Tyler School of Art, the Esther Boyer College of Music and Dance and the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, the Conference on Entrepreneurship in the Arts the first in a series of events focusing on entrepreneurship in different fields. The second, on funding biotech companies, will take place in November.

Panelists for Entrepreneurship in the Arts include Bill Johnson, managing director at WRTI, who is also an artist and an entrepreneur; and Fox School alumna Rebecca Davis (’04), artistic director of the Rebecca Davis Dance Company (www.rebeccadavisdance.com). The moderator is Tom Kaiden, COO of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. (For a complete list of presenters and topics, visit http://sbm.temple.edu/iei/ArtsConference.html.)

Davis, who majored in entrepreneurship at Fox, won the school’s business plan competition in 2004 and incubated her business at Temple’s Small Business Development Center, is particularly interested in spreading the message of entrepreneurship throughout Temple.

“I want to encourage students to get involved with as many business courses as possible,” Davis said. “I am able to cultivate all of my community support by using my business rationale, and not just my artistic ability.”

- By Rebecca Carroll

Upcoming TUCE events
“Entrepreneurship in the Arts: From Talent to Venture”
Oct. 28, 8:30–11 a.m. (includes breakfast)
Tuttleman Learning Center, room 105.
Free for Temple students and faculty with TUid.

“Entrepreneurial Engineers Are Not Robots”
Oct. 28, 12:40–1:30 p.m.
Engineering and Architecture Building, room 126.
Temple students, faculty and the public are welcome. Admission is free.

“The Real Deal: Funding Strategies for Early Stage Biotechnology Companies”
Nov. 15, 7:30–11:30 a.m. (includes breakfast)
Desmond Hotel, Malvern
Free for Temple students and faculty with TUid. All others: $30 paid by Nov. 7; $40 at the door.

Conference on social entrepreneurship
March 23
Details to come.