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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Templar Yearbook office located?

The Templar Yearbook office adjoins the Temple News offices, which are located on the second floor of the Howard Gittis Student Center in Room 243. Please knock and someone will be right with you!

Who gets the yearbook?

You do not need to order or reserve a yearbook; yearbooks are automatically distributed to each school/college within the University. It is the seniorís responsibility to obtain his or her yearbook on Commencement Day from the school they graduated from. Only a specified number of books are ordered, so they are first-come, first-serve!

I am graduating this Spring. How can I get a yearbook?

Each school/college within Temple University orders a specific number of yearbooks. The books are then sent to each Deanís office when the publishing company delivers the books to the University. From there, the school/college will hand out yearbooks as they see fit. Each school has its own distribution plan, so please get in touch with your prospective Deanís office to find out how to receive yours!

How can I get a previous yearbook?

Please email us at templaryearbook@gmail.com or call us at 215-204-7299 to request a book from a previous year. The availability of previous yearbooks is limited, so we apologize in advance if we do not have extra copies!

How much are yearbooks?

Graduating seniors receive the book of their graduating year free of charge at the time of distribution. If you fail to pick up your book, please contact us at templaryearbook@gmail.com, call us at 215-204-7299, or visit our office.

Iím graduating in December/Summer, which yearbook do I get?

If you are graduating in December or during the summer, you should pick up the book that your senior photo was featured in. If you did not have a senior portrait taken, but still wish to get your yearbook, you may pick up the yearbook from the year that you feel most connected to.

I want to work with the yearbook. Who do I talk to?

Feel free to contact the Editor-in-Chief directly at templaryearbook@gmail.com to find out more about open positions on the staff.

Does every student get in the yearbook? How can I be in the yearbook?

We have photographers taking photos at numerous events on campus and around the city. We focus on photographing our students; however, the best way to know that you will be in the yearbook is to have your senior portrait taken.

Iím in a student organization, how can we be in the yearbook?

Weíd love to have your organization in the Templar Yearbook! Feel free to email our Organizations Editor at organizations. templar@gmail.com or Greek Editor at greek.templar@gmail.com to make sure your organization makes it into the book! Some organizations will be featured in depth, while others will just be featured with a photo and/or mission statement.

Iím a parent or relative of a senior, how can I say congrats to my graduate?

Templar offers Owl Pride Ads for graduating students and they are the perfect way to spotlight your loved one! Please visit our ďOwl PrideĒ tab for more information or contact our Owl Pride Account Manager at owlpride.templar@gmail.com!