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About Templar

Templar Annual Yearbook captures life at Temple University in a quick snapshot of the past academic year. Every story featured in the Templar Annual aims to celebrate the present so that you can remember the past. It is our sincere hope that years from your graduation, you will crack open the spine of your 2015 yearbook to a series of stories and photos that will make you laugh and sigh in delight.

Since 1924, the Templar Annual Yearbook has been rapidly growing; more students, more photographs and more memories. Twenty-four student staff members dedicate countless hours discovering unique angles to Templeís most exciting events and people through itís five primary sections; student life, academics, sports, people, and organizations and Greek life. Our staff searches for the people and stories that are most unique to Temple University, a campus unlike any other.



(Back Row) Logan Krum, Mariama Mansaray, Siobhan Redding, Emily Zargan, Qori Broaster, Zoe Evanitus, Diana David
(Front Row) Gina Villecco, Joseph Williams, Shelbie Pletz, Olivia Bohrer, Kate Morrison, Taylor Calta.

Who we are

The Templar staff is made up of undergraduate Temple University students that were brought together through their combined passions for journalism, photography, and design. We are a diverse group of students that come together to produce one book that will represent, highlight and accurately portray the activities, athletics, shool spirit, successes, and trends of Temple students over the 2014-2015 year.

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What we do

As a team, we collaborate to decide which stories and events to publish, how to capture them in the best way possible, and in which ways to illustrate them with various graphics and photography. Collectively we strive to create a meaningful memoir that will capture and preserve the full experience of life at Temple University for graduating seniors.

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How we work

Our team consists of 24 titled positions, each of which carries their own individual responsibilities. Through internal teams, great communication, and weekly staff meetings all sections are able to stay updated and accounted for. We acquire outside material by hiring spot photographers and writers for specific articles. If you are interested in taking pictures or writing for Templar email our Editor in Chief, Lindsey Murray.

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