The Summer Owls Leadership Experience offers courses taught by enthusiastic and knowledgeable faculty members. Classes meet for a minimum of three hours per morning over the program's three-week period. Afternoons are filled with group activities, projects and individual study.

You may enroll in one of the following three-credit college courses:

The Future of Your TV (School of Media and Communication)
Introduction to Health Professions (College of Health Professions and Social Work)
Information Systems in Organizations (Fox School of Business)
Disasters: Geology vs. Hollywood (College of Science and Technology)


MIS2101: Information Systems in Organizations
Have you ever thought about creating the next big technology product or service, or dreamed of being the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg? Have you ever thought there might be a better way for a computer system to work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you.

In three action-packed weeks, you will gain a solid understanding of how information systems work. You also will collaborate with a small team to develop a tech-based business using the Business Model Generation framework, meet industry experts and even get a behind-the-scenes tour of Temple's computer labs.

Temple University's distinguished Fox School of Business and Management offers a unique opportunity for high school students to learn how to build a business model for a technology product or service.

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Media and Communication

MSP0821: The Future of Your TV
Do you ever think about what TV will be like in the future? How will digital technologies such as blogs, podcasts, YouTube and Netflix expand TV into a medium where consumers drive content? Through interactive in-class activities, multimedia presentations and lectures, hands-on collaborative video-production projects, tours of Temple's TV studios and traditional classroom seminars, you will learn about TV's new landscape, create and critique content, and discuss trends in technology and TV programming.

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Health Professions

HRPR 1201: Introduction to Health Professions
The face of healthcare is changing every day. Research findings and new technologies are reshaping how people will receive the services they need. In this class, you will examine concepts and models of health, healthcare delivery systems and organizations, healthcare financing and outcome measures of services in various settings. You will look beyond hospital settings to explore the growing area of community-based health services. Through movies, TV shows and the internet, the class will examine how health-related myths and biases develop. Discussions, guest presenters and tours of health facilities will provide real-world exposure to healthcare and the impact it will have on you and your family.

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Science & Technology

EES 0836: Disasters: Geology vs. Hollywood
Can you really drive over lava flow in a Jeep, as in Dante's Peak? Like the characters in Aftershock, are we foolish enough to be unprepared for a major earthquake? Could global warming melt the polar ice caps, turning "dry land" into a myth, as Waterworld suggests? Would the impact of an asteroid the "size of Texas" kill half the Earth by heat and freeze the remainder in a nuclear winter, similar to what happened in Armageddon?

By exploring Hollywood disaster movies, students will learn about geologic phenomena from the fundamentals of plate tectonics, to how to use seismic data to calculate earthquake locations, to disaster-readiness planning for major U.S. cities. Students also will grasp the real stories behind disasters in the news and the role of the science in shaping disaster-planning policies through lectures, activities and outdoor exercises.

NOTE: This course fulfills a science & technology requirement under General Education at Temple.

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