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Peer Advisors & Study Abroad Ambassadors

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Cambriae Bates

TEAN Chiang Mai, Thailand, Fall '12

Major: Media Studies & Production

Kalie Mackey

Temple University Japan, Spring & Summer ‘13

Majors: Asian Studies and Geography & Urban Studies

Paul Coleman

Temple in Brazil, Summer ‘13

Majors: Accounting and Finance

Daniella Brown

Temple in India, Summer '13

Major: Sociology

Kerri Russo

Exchange in Norwich, UK, Spring '13

Major: Secondary Education

Rachel Bell

Temple in Spain, Spring ‘13

Major: Psychology

Emily Cwyk

Temple University Rome, AY ‘12-13

Major: Art History

Kristen Linkstrom

Temple in France, Summer ‘12

Major: International Business

Rachel Mimms

Temple University Japan, Summer ‘13

Major: Asian Studies

Emily Della Fera

Temple in Spain, Spring ‘13

Major: Spanish

Lina Je

Exchange in Seoul, South Korea,
Summer '11 & Summer ‘12

Major: Linguistics and Communications

Rebecca Tripp

Temple University Rome, Spring ‘13

Major: Graphic Design

Jaleh Najafali

Temple University Rome, Fall ‘12

Temple in Spain, Spring '13

Majors: English and Spanish

Lindsay Phillips

Exchange in Norwich, UK, Spring '13

Major: Marketing

Ryan Bartman

Temple University Rome, Spring ‘13

Major: Geography & Urban Studies

Joan Russoniello

Exchange in Seoul, South Korea, AY '12-'13

Major: Linguistics

Michael Fracas

Temple University Rome, Fall ‘12

Major: Management Information Systems

Stephanie Gosnell

Exchange in Dublin, Ireland, Spring ‘13

Major: Human Resource Management

Jordan Sievers

Temple Univerity Japan, Fall '13

Major: Film and Media Arts

Olivia Charles

Exchange in Edinburgh, Scotland, Fall '13

Major: Tourism and Hospitality Management