Fulbright Grant Information Guide

Foreign Language Reports

The Foreign Language Report, whenever possible, should be from a faculty member.  However, in a number of cases, the language concerned is not taught by faculty at Temple or even offered here. In these cases, it is possible to submit a Foreign Language Report from a native speaker.  On the form, it should state clearly that the evaluator is a native speaker.  Also, indicate how the reference was completed (e.g., an interview, general conversation, written materials).  Such a reference should still be completed in a professional manner. Note the following:

  • A Foreign Language Report is NOT necessary for countries that accept English as a substitute.
  • If your project requires skill in more than one language, you may submit a separate Foreign Language Report for each language needed.

1) Foreign Language Form

You should make every effort to describe your language experience (e.g., courses you have taken, how long you have studied, experience in the country, on-going study) on this form.  It is also important, and your language reference can speak to this as well, to mention what you will be doing in the months before you leave.  It is not very common for a Fulbright applicant to be fluent in the language; therefore, it is important to give some indication of the work you will be doing in the ten months between the application deadline and departure.


2) Tip for the individual completing the Foreign Language Report:

Rather than saying that a student's language skills are good and leaving it at that, a good reference will also acknowledge the work you intend to do as well as the work that you have done.  Such a reference gives a sense of reality to language acquisition, and also underlines that language study done in the past is not all that will be done prior to arriving in the country.