Name: Meg

Program: Butler University
Where: Merida, Mexico
When: Spring Semester 2006
Favorite Course: Psychology of the Mexican and Psychology of the Consumer
Best Excursion: Uxmal, Kabah, Mayapan, Hotel Mission and the caves
Next Destination: Temple Rome, Summer 2007



Describe your living situation.

While studying in Merida, Mexico, I lived with a host family. The Mexican family consisted of a mom; a dad; a daughter who was married, had two children, and lived in a separate house with her husband at the age of 30; and another daughter who lived in the house at the age of 23 while finishing her university career which is custom in Mexico. I moved into the house and had my own room on the first floor with my own bathroom. The house I lived in was big with everyone in their own rooms, a dining room, kitchen, laundry room, guest room, living room, and a foyer. The family was very nice and welcoming, and they were very patient as I learned more local Spanish and began to speak faster and more fluently. They were an upper class or upper middle class family.

I became very close to my host family and called my host sister “my sister” in introductions, and my host mom “my mom” in a short period of time. My host sister and I became close friends, and we went out together a lot. I still keep in touch with my family and hope to visit them soon. While being in another country and culture, speaking another language and experiencing new things, it is easy to quickly become attached to what is a norm, what is the one constant in your new life. I believe that a host family can really affect the way people learn about a culture and language. I learned a great deal from my family and am forever grateful for what I learned through them.


Describe you best travel experience.

My best travel experience in Mexico was during “Semana Santa” and the spring break that we had for about three weeks. From 8 -19 of April I traveled with another exchange student from Merida to Mexico City, Guanajuato, Oaxaca, Puebla (and more!). Through these days of traveling in buses, staying in hostels, eating local food, shopping in street markets, speaking in Spanish, and meeting a ton of new people, we experienced yet another side of Mexico. We learned the many different faces and accents of Mexico. We ate local food and learned about the differences in the cities alone in Mexico. It was an amazing experience because it not only taught me about Mexico, but it taught me a lot about people, the world, and myself. I constantly look at my pictures from this trip and from all of Mexico and realize how much I learned there - in school, in my house, with friends, and not only about business and Spanish, but about people, the world, and cultures.