Name: Shannon
Major: Political Science
Program: Temple University Rome
Where: Rome, Italy
When: Spring 2007

Favorite Course: Internship with Studio Legale D’Avanzo

Highlight: Venice gondola rides

Best Excursion: Todi/Tivoli

Favorite Dish: Mozzarella cheese, red sauce, and gnocchi pasta


Describe your most memorable experience while abroad.

We ended up planning a trip to Greece on Easter weekend. That first night we spent in Athens in an amazing 70’s style hotel, red patented couches and yes furry rugs all accounted for. Easter Sunday we went to the island Hydra, and by luck stumbled onto a room. Everything was booked and we were getting a little worried and possibly looking at staying up all night, but we asked around and ended up finding a quaint bed and breakfast.  We got showers, got dressed up, and headed out. Everyone stayed up till midnight just drinking and relaxing with their families. Then, at midnight, the churches let out from mass and the candles were lit slowly down the roads from one person to the next. We then carried that flame home to the bed and breakfast where we blew it out before heading to bed. The Greek islands are gorgeous but the Greek islands at Easter are a once in a lifetime experience-- it’s a whole different world.


What is one piece of advice you would pass on to a student who is about to study abroad?

I have two pieces for you! Don’t plan all of your trips with your roommates and avoid planning them all right away in the beginning. Also, going in on grocery shopping and sharing things can backfire, so step cautiously. In the beginning of the program you are getting to know everyone. Give people more time and get to know them-- the places you will be going are stationary, and the ways to get there are numerous.  So do not worry too much about planning; you will always find a way. Sharing things in the beginning too seems like a good idea because it saves you money but in reality you will not always be with your roommates. Lastly, hang in there! Going abroad is not easy but it is well worth every penny and every stressful moment!