Name: Molly
Major: English
Program: CIEE
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When: Spring 2007





What was a typical day like for you abroad?

I would wake up about 9am and finish any unfinished reading or schoolwork. I would eat breakfast in my room. I would then run errands, like food shopping, etc. Most of my classes started around noon or later and would last anywhere from two to four hours. During the 20-minute breaks in my classes, I would eat lunch. After class, depending on the time, I would either return to my room and eat dinner or I would explore Amsterdam by going to a museum, on a boat ride, etc. I would then do any homework I was assigned. After this I would meet up with friends and go to maybe a pub, a club, or a show. And then I would bike home and go to bed.

Describe your living situation.

I lived in a dorm room in what appeared to be a converted apartment building. I had my own bedroom, which had a lock. My room came with a bed, a desk, a bookcase, a nightstand, and a closet. I was provided sheets for my bed. I shared a kitchen and a bathroom with one other girl. I needed to buy my own dishes, silverware, glasses, pots, and pans, and I was responsible for my own cleaning. There was a locked door to enter the apartment building and my apartment. My room looked out on to a courtyard, across from which were most of my classes. In the courtyard there were multiple bike racks to park your bike.

How do you see this experience affecting your future?

After living in Amsterdam for more than four months, I have become more comfortable with the city than I have ever felt with Philadelphia. After graduation I intend to move to Amsterdam for an extended period of time.