Temple Exchanges

Xiamen University

Through a reciprocal exchange agreement with Xiamen University (XMU), Temple undergraduates can exchange places with XMU undergraduates and spend a period studying at XMU. The program is open to students in good academic standing who will be at least at junior level for the semester/year they wish to attend XMU. A limited number of courses taught in English are offered in economics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, or oceanography. Chinese language study is also available. Students proficient in Chinese may be able to take courses in additional areas than those above.

about the university

Established in 1921, Xiamen University (http://www2012.xmu.edu.cn/english/index.asp) is home to over 30,000 students. Students enroll in a separate international college, and take courses with about 400 other international students. The university has very nice facilities and modern dormitories. It is a comprehensive university with programs in a wide array of disciplines.


The island city of Xiamen, in the province of Fujian, is a coastal city in southeastern China and is located about 450 miles northeast of Hong Kong. The city has a population of about 1.5 million, and the university is located at the southern end of the main island that comprises the city. Historically, Xiamen was one of the first ports that traded with Europeans in the 16th century, and was China’s main tea exporting city in the 19th century. It is still a major port today and is considered a gateway to China. Nicknamed the “Garden City”, it is also a popular tourist destination. The climate is humid and subtropical, with long, hot summers and mild winters.


A limited number of courses in English are available in economics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and oceanography. There is also a Chinese as a Foreign Language program available in the overseas Education College. Students proficient in Chinese may have additional course options.


The XMU academic calendar is divided into two semesters. Students may attend XMU for the academic year, the Fall semester (mid-September to late-January) or for the Spring semester (mid February to late-June). Students attending during the fall semester should note that it continues through the Christmas holidays and into the beginning of the spring semester at Temple.


Temple students apply for bedrooms on campus in XMU residences. Students may take meals in university cafeterias. There is no meal plan.


In advance of their departure, Temple University students pay Temple tuition to Temple University; XMU students pay XMU tuition to XMU. On site, exchange students are responsible for the cost of housing, meals, transportation, insurance and living expenses. Temple students receiving financial aid may apply their financial aid to the costs of studying at XMU. Students should plan on spending approximately $1,500 for housing, $1,500 for meals, $1,500 for other living expenses (recreation, local travel, etc), and $100 for books per semester. In addition, expect roundtrip airfare to cost about $1,800, and students may need to pay for visa-related expenses and health insurance.


Students are selected for the exchange on the basis of their academic record and a personal interview. To be considered, students should have a minimum GPA of 3.0, background in the subjects to be pursued at XMU, and junior-year status by the time they begin their study at XMU. Students must complete the Temple University Exchanges Application form and submit two academic references and transcripts for all university-work completed. The application deadline for academic year, fall or spring is March 1st. The completed application and supporting documents should be sent to the Education Abroad office.

Questions can be directed to Michelle Barton in Education Abroad, 200 Tuttleman, phone: 215-204-0720; email: study.abroad@temple.edu.