Temple Exchanges

University Of Science and Technology, China

about the university

The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) was established in 1958 under the jurisdiction of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The university is noted for its advanced science and technology programs, unique management studies and well tailored disciplines in the humanities. USTC’s educational philosophy is based on an academic curriculum that combines teaching with research and integrates theory with practice. As a result, USTC has produced a large number of highly accomplished graduates and many significant, internationally recognized research results.



Hefei is an historical city located in the central area of Anhui Province with a population of 4 million. Hefei is a youthful, yet time-honored city made up of broad avenues, beautiful landscapes, modern constructions and historical relics. As the capital city of Anhui Province, hefei is the center of politics, economy, education, culture, information, finance, commerce, and communication. It is also a national education base and one of the three technology innovation pilot cities.



The primarly language of instruction is Chinese.  There are a no courses offered in English, and this exchange is not appropriate for students who need to take their courses in English. For students proficient in Chinese, USTAC offers a broad range of courses in science, engineering, technology and mathematics.





In advance of their departure, Temple University students pay Temple tuition to Temple University. On site, exchange students are responsible for the cost of housing, meals, transportation, insurance and living expenses. Temple students receiving financial aid may apply their financial aid to the costs of studying at USTC. Students should plan on spending approximately $1,200 for housing, $1,200 for meals, $1,500 for other living expenses (recreation, local travel, etc), and $100 for books per semester. In addition, expect roundtrip airfare to cost about $1,800, and students may need to pay for visa-related expenses and health insurance.