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Cultural Activities

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Student Organizations


Becoming involved in TUJ’s student clubs is an excellent way to make Japanese and international friends.

  • Active student clubs vary by semester and have included futsal, basketball, videogaming, and more!
  • TUJ Student Lounge is an exciting space where students often socialize, and is also home to the student government.



To enhance understanding of Japanese culture, TUJ organizes optional outings, as well as day, overnight, and weekend excursions every semester.

  • Field trips include outings to Japanese festivals, museums, sumo wrestling, soccer matches, baseball games, a Japanese high school, and theater performances.
  • Day, overnight, and weekend trips allow you to experience the regional diversity of Japan. Destinations vary by semester, but have included places such as Kamakura, Yokohama, Kyoto, Nikko, Hakone, and Sapporo.
  • You are responsible for the cost associated with travel, meals, and lodging, but every effort is made to ensure that these excursions are as affordable as possible.


Social mixer events at TUJ help to facilitate social interaction, as well as language and cultural exchanges between Japanese students and international students. TUJ also offers a Language Partner Program that pairs students interested in language exchange to meet up on a regular, voluntary basis and practice English and Japanese. Through these opportunities, you can meet new friends and interact socially while learning about other cultures.

TUJ also organizes special cultural workshops on traditional Japanese arts for students. Past workshops have introduced students to ikebana, calligraphy, tea ceremony, koto, archery and sake making.



Become involved in the local community by volunteering in Tokyo. You may participate in a variety of volunteer activities organized through TUJ’s Community Relations Department in collaboration with Tokyo’s Minato Ward, the ward in which TUJ is located.

Opportunities have included:

  • assisting at city festivals
  • participating at cultural exchange events for local children
  • volunteering at an after-school program for elementary school children
  • participating in neighborhood cleanup efforts