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Application Procedures

Application Deadlines

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Eligibility is limited to those students who:

  • will be at least 19 years old by the program start date.
  • are currently enrolled as full-time, matriculated students and will have completed at least two years of college-level study
  • have a satisfactory scholastic average (minimum 2.75 cumulative average on a 4.0 scale from all colleges/universities attended).
  • will undertake a full-time program of study at Temple University Rome and will be applying credits earned towards a degree.
  • are in good academic and disciplinary standing; students on academic or disciplinary probation or warning are not eligible to participate. Students who have been found responsible for a code of conduct violation on more than one occasion will be subject to additional review and may not be eligible to participate.
  • meet any additional requirements for the Architecture, International Business, or Visual Arts tracks, if applicable (see below).

Students will be selected mainly on the basis of their intellectual purpose and emotional maturity.

Admission Requirements for the Architecture/Landscape Architecture Track

In addition to the application, Architecture/Landscape Architecture students must submit a portfolio of ten to fifteen 8 1/2" x 11" color copies of studio work, clipped together. Your portfolio should include samples of work done from several semesters, including your most recent work. Do not submit originals (as the portfolio is forwarded to Rome) or use binders or folders. Please be sure to label the portfolio with your name, home institution, and major. You should also include an additional sheet identifying each discrete image or project: nature of the design challenge, length of time in studio, what year and semester, name of the critic, etc. The portfolio should be sent directly to Education Abroad. No responsibility for the portfolio can be assumed by Temple University.

Admission Requirements for the International Business Track

Students who wish to enroll in any business courses must apply to the International Business Track. Most business courses assume students have, at minimum, an introductory-level background in the area of study. Required prerequisites appear with each course description.

Admission Requirements for the Undergraduate Visual Arts Track

To be considered for the Visual Arts program, undergraduate applicants must have completed a minimum of 18 semester hours, or the equivalent, of studio art courses. Non-Temple applicants are asked to submit a portfolio at the time of application, which is used to determine eligibility for the Visual Arts program track and for visual arts courses with prerequisites. An acceptable portfolio should demonstrate proficiency in the media for the courses to which the student is applying. The applicant is asked to submit a CD-R with jpeg files of works. No bulky shipments will be accepted, and the CD-R will not be returned. The portfolio should be sent directly to Education Abroad. No responsibility for the portfolio can be assumed by Temple University.

Admission Procedures for the Graduate Visual Arts Track

Graduate students wishing to study in the Visual Arts program must be matriculated in an MFA program. Students applying to the MFA program at Tyler may contact Education Abroad as soon as they are admitted to Tyler’s MFA program and must complete the regular online Temple University Rome application. Students already enrolled in MFA programs may contact Education Abroad directly regarding participation in the Rome program.






Before Beginning an Application
Please review all program-specific information , including eligibility, before beginning an application. All applicants are advised to discuss their plans to study abroad with their academic advisor. Non-Temple students should confirm study abroad procedures with their home institution before beginning an application.


  • Online Application
    Please click on the "Apply Now" link found on the right side of the page to begin your application. Temple students may log in using their Temple Accessnet username and password. All other students will be prompted to create an account. Once you receive your login and password information via e-mail, you may return to the login page to access your application and complete the required materials. See the browser requirements below if you are having trouble entering the application. Please note that at various points in the application process, notifications regarding your application will be sent to you via e-mail.
  • Paper Application
    As an alternative to the online appilcation, students may apply with a paper application. The paper application, along with further application instructions, may be downloaded from the right side of this web page. Students who apply with a paper application will submit all supporting application materials in hard copy to Education Abroad and will only be asked to login to an online account once accepted to the program.

Please note that the following submissions will be required.

           Submissions for All Applicants:

  • Two academic recommendations. One of these must be from a faculty member in your major discipline who has taught you in class. The other may be from a university faculty member who has taught you, or your academic advisor. Students applying online will request recommendations online, and the recommender will be notified via e-mail. The recommender will have the option of submitting your recommendation online or on paper. Please be sure to talk to him or her prior to requesting the recommendation online. Students applying with a paper application will provide the recommender with a paper recommendation form to fill out (included with application packet).
  • All students applying to the Architecture program track: information about additional submissions can be found in the Eligibility section above.
    Additional Submissions for Non-Temple Students:
  • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended to date. Please note that if you are applying earlier than the semester immediately preceding the program, your acceptance to the program may be provisional, pending receipt and review of an updated official transcript.
  • Home College/University Approval Form indicating you have received approval from your home institution to study at Temple Rome. This form should be completed by the official responsible for approving study abroad participation. Please complete the form and ask the official to return it directly to Temple University Education Abroad.
  • $50 non-refundable application fee. Students applying online will pay by electronic check or credit card within the online application system. Students applying with a paper application must submit a check made payable to "Temple University."
  • Signature Verification Form which, once received and processed, enables students to submit electronic signatures within Education Abroad's online system.
  • Non-Temple students applying to the Visual Arts program track: information about additional submissions can be found in the Eligibility section above.

For online applicants: Detailed information about the submissions mentioned above will appear on your Program Home Page within the online application system. There are three types of submissions: material submissions (physical materials you will need to submit to Education Abroad), signature documents (documents that can be signed electronically and submitted online), and questionnaire forms (to be filled out electronically and submitted online).

For paper applicants: Instructions and application materials may be downloaded

from the right side of this web page.

For all applicants: All materials must be received by the deadline but may be submitted under separate cover. Applications are not reviewed until all supporting submissions have been received. Please see Application Deadlines below for more information.

All material submissions should be sent directly to:

Temple University

Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses

200 Tuttleman Learning Center

1809 N 13th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19122

Accessing Your Program Home Page

To access your account and check the status of your application:

1. Click on "Login" in the upper right hand corner of

2. Login.
3. Select the link for your program application.




Students are encouraged to apply well in advance of the deadlines; with the exception of Architecture, completed applications are reviewed on a rolling-admissions basis. Architecture applications are reviewed shortly after the deadline.

Each semester has an application cycle that determines when we begin accepting online applications for that semester. To view these dates, please visit the Calendar section.

Completed applications, including all supporting submissions, must be received by April 1 for study in the fall semester and academic year, and October 1 for the spring semester program. The online application closes at 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time on the deadline date. Students attempting to apply online outside of this cycle by clicking the "Apply Now" link will find that the online application is unavailable and that their request to begin an application cannot be processed. Students interested in applying after the deadline should contact Education Abroad.

Note that if the online portion of an application is not complete by the deadline, the applicant will be locked out and unable to make any changes.

Students will only be allowed to continue or submit their applications after the deadline on a space-available basis. Students requesting to do this must contact Education Abroad and must be prepared to immediately submit the non-refundable $200 program deposit, which will be refunded only if the applicant is not accepted into the program.




Decision notification will be sent via e-mail to students within approximately two weeks of Education Abroad receiving your completed application and all supporting materials.

Confirm your participation. If you have been accepted, and have decided to participate, please click the “Commit” button on your Program Home Page. You must also submit a non-refundable program deposit of $200 within two weeks of acceptance to confirm your participation in the program. This deposit is non-refundable and credited towards your fees.

Complete the pre-departure procedures as outlined on your Program Home Page. Your Pre-departure Page will be updated periodically until departure. You will be notified of these updates via e-mail. Please read all information carefully and pay close attention to deadlines.




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  • Under Miscellaneous, look for the setting "Don't prompt for client certificate selection when no certificates or only one certificate exists" and set to Enable.
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If you have any questions or technical problems, please contact us at 215-204-0720 or

Please contact Education Abroad if there is a reason why you cannot use the online application system, and we will assist you. Note: If you are sending in your application by mail, hard copy applications and all application pieces must be received in Education Abroad by the final application deadline.