Steps to Study Abroad on External Programs





After verifying that you are in good academic and disciplinary standing at Temple, you are ready to explore your options.

  • At this point, you may want to schedule and informal meeting with your academic advisor to review your degree requirements and determine what types of courses you will need to take during study abroad. With careful planning, a period of study abroad should fit into your program and not delay progress towards your degree.

  • If possible, attend an“External Programs” information session hosted by Education Abroad. See the News & Events section for dates and times.
  • Come to Education Abroad (Tuttleman 200), and learn about study abroad opportunities. Learn to use the Resource Library to research programs. At that time, you can also speak to a study abroad advisor who may be able to suggest programs you have not considered.
  • For each program you are considering, obtain a brochure that contains the following information: course descriptions and the name of the accredited university providing a transcript at the end of the program. Review eligibility and GPA requirements for each program, as they vary.
  • Education Abroad, along with other organizations and program sponsors, offer scholarships for study abroad. Research scholarship opportunities, paying close attention to eligibility requirements and deadlines. Scholarship deadlines are often one year to six months in advance of departure.
  • Your federal and state financial aid should transfer to an external study abroad program that has been approved by Temple (see following sections for approval procedures). Generally, most institutional financial aid and scholarships transfer to an external study abroad program as well. If you are unsure about whether your institutional aid and scholarships are transferable, schedule an appointment with Student Financial Services.




  • Determine which program(s) is best for you.
  • Schedule an informal review with your academic advisor to discuss the courses you need to take and to ensure that the courses offered by the program(s) abroad are a good match with your degree program at Temple. Bring the brochures with course descriptions to this meeting.
  • Next, make an appointment with Education Abroad to begin the necessary paperwork, including the Request for Approval to Study Abroad form. This appointment should be made AT LEAST two weeks prior to your study abroad program's application deadline.  Be sure to bring along information regarding the program in which you play to participate.  During your appointment, other important information such as course load and financial aid will be discussed. 




  • Read all of the instructions carefully; not all applications are alike!
    Note: We recommend that you also complete the following course approval process before submitting your application to the program. If this is impossible due to time constraints that will cause you to miss the application deadline, speak to an advisor in Education Abroad about your situation.



  • After obtaining program approval from Education Abroad, you will need to seek Temple University course equivalencies from the appropriate evaluator in all of the departments from which you wish to take courses abroad. For example, if you are planning to take Finance, History, and Spanish courses abroad, you must go to each of those departments and have the external program course descriptions reviewed by faculty who can determine the Temple equivalency.  A list of department faculty evaluators will be provided during your study abroad advising appointment with Education Abroad.  The evaluator should indicate the equivalency on the Request for Approval to Study Abroad form and sign off on each course. We highly recommend that you get alternate courses approved for each course you plan to take, as this will give you some flexibility to drop/add courses once you begin your non-Temple program.
  • Take the Request for Approval to Study Abroad form to your Temple University school/college advising center. The director of the advising center, or a designee of the director, will review your request and has the final say as to whether or not you have formal approval from Temple to participate in your non-Temple study abroad program. If approved, you should have the advising center keep a copy and collect the original.
  • Sign the bottom of the form agreeing to inform Education Abroad immediately if for any reason you decide not to participate on the study abroad program and return the completed form to Education Abroad along with a copy of your acceptance letter from your non-Temple study abroad program. You should also keep a copy of the completed form for your own records.
  • The deadlines for the completion of the above process are the following: for Spring semester study, November 15; Summer study, May 1; and Fall semester study, May 15.



  • Make sure you've completed the necessary forms and applications; check with Education Abroad if you're uncertain.
  • Thoroughly read any pre-departure materials, as these will give you important information and detailed instructions on proper documentation, housing and travel arrangements, and, for the programs that host one, the pre-departure orientation.
  • Get a passport, and check to see if you need a visa.
  • Meet with Student Financial Services. In order to transfer aid, you must obtain a Consortium Agreement. This Agreement can be obtained from Student Financial Services. Instructions are included with the Consortium Agreement.
  • Review travel books in the Education Abroad Resource Library, or purchase your own, and prepare yourself for the locale and for meeting the people.




  • Confirm your actual course roster with your academic advisor via e-mail. If you find upon arrival that you must make a last-minute course change and enroll in a course that has not been pre-approved, fax or e-mail the details of any new courses to your academic advising office, and follow their recommendations.
  • Request a transcript so that your transfer credit can be processed.




  • Fill out an external program evaluation. Both the Education Abroad staff and prospective study abroad students rely on returned students’ evaluations to gain a deeper understanding of the program. Evaluations help the Education Abroad staff improve advising services and prove to be an invaluable resource for students seeking a peer’s perspective. You may download an evaluation from our web site or pick one up in Education Abroad.
  • Stay in touch! Visit the Alumni section, and request that you be added to the Education Abroad alumni listserv. We send out a few e-mails per month with information regarding future opportunities abroad, international photo and writing contests, special events, and ways to get involved in the study abroad community back at Temple.
  • Share your experiences with other students at Temple by becoming an Education Abroad Student Ambassador. Student Ambassadors agree to volunteer at study abroad events and create a Student Profile for the Education Abroad web site. Contact Education Abroad for more details.

  • Submit your best study abroad photos to Education Abroad. We are always looking for quality photos to use in publications, presentations, and on our web site. Visit the Alumni section of our web site for more information and submission guidelines.