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Submit Photos, Videos or Other Media

Do you have great photos or videos from your time abroad? Did you keep a blog or journal? If so and you would like to share them, now is your chance! Education Abroad is looking for photos, videos, personal narratives, and quotes to use in publications, on our website, and in promotional materials such as our student blog and newsletters. 

Submitting Photos:

Unless you would like to submit your photos anonymously, please rename your photos using the following format before uploading: firstname_lastname_location.jpg

gif, png, and bmp are also supported file extensions

Files can be renamed by right-clicking on the file and selecting "rename"

To upload photos:
1. Visit:

2. Enter password: templeuabroad

3. Click: "Choose Photos" button to upload your photos

If you are contributing photos, please submit the highest resolution files you have, so that they will have a better chance of meeting printing requirements.   

Submitting Videos or Other Media:

Any other media, including video, can be emailed to or dropped off on a CD to Education Abroad (200 Tuttleman Learning Center). 

What types of photos are we looking for?
Although we welcome all submissions, we are specifically interested in photos with students that capture interesting moments abroad and those that reflect the unique characteristics of the study abroad location. We are also looking for photos of students engaged in learning both in and out of the traditional classroom setting.

Will I get credit for my photos/videos/written work?
Whenever possible, we will give credit

By submitting photos, videos or any other form of media you agree to the following:

“I consent to the reproduction and use of my photo(s), video(s), and/or  written work (with or without my name), with the consent of the producing agent(s), by any nominee or designee or the university, its various subsidiaries, agents and employees, including any publisher, periodical, studio or other agency contractor. Consent shall involve the use of my photo, video or written work for any educational purposes, including instruction, display to professional organizations, and advertising thereof. This consent, as stated above, shall be a continuing consent.”

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