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The CLA Pre-Law Society is the chief focus for pre-law activities in the College of Liberal Arts. It is open to all CLA students whatever their major. The Society is dedicated to fostering CLA students' interest in the law and helping them fulfill their aspirations to attend law school and succeed in the legal profession. Activities and events organized by the Society include: Mock Trial Competitions, Law School Visits, Talks by Successful Lawyers, Tutored LSAT Study Groups, Law School Application Seminars, Internship Seminars, and many more (for information of events being offered during a semester, please contact the officers under "contact").



NO DUES! The Pre-Law Society is completely free. There are no dues or fees involved. All that is required of members is to participate in at least two events per semester to remain in good standing. To learn of such events, either sign up to the listserv (please refer to the "join" section) or check this website regularly. If you are not a member but would like to be, just sign up at the next event.

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