IMA-T Points System

15 points for attending weekly meetings (13 meetings)

25 points for community service events (blood drives, off-campus volunteering, canned food drives)

10 points for a tutoring session (1 hour), Bake Sales (either baking or sitting at the table for an hour), and Campus Tours

It is encouraged that students attain 200 points for the semester. If you reach 200 points you can receive free IMA-T prizes and you will be considered a “member”. It is also required that members participate in two community service/special events. Attending weekly meetings is important; you will gain a lot of useful information and make great connections with recruiters.

Distinguished Members

Must attend all 13 weekly meetings = 195 points

Must attend 1 community service event = 25 points

Must attend 1 special event = 25 points

Must attend 1 office tour = 10 points

Must participate in 1 bake sale = 10 points

Total: 265 points

IMA Application