Frequently Asked Questions

What is IMA-T?

We are a newly formed student chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants, the worldwide association for accountants and financial professionals consisting of over 60,000 student and professional members. Our primary objectives are (1) to educate student members on how to effectively incorporate the technical skills they have attained throughout their undergraduate studies into a management-oriented approach to their professional careers and (2) to provide them with the tools and knowledge necessary to ultimately obtain internships and full-time employment by interacting with recruiters at weekly meetings, networking events, and office tours.

What are the benefits of joining?

As a student member, you will be able to network with professionals at meetings and other events while also building your own personal network within the organization itself. Along with being an obvious resume booster, there are also national annual conferences held for student chapters that select members can attend. Towards the end of the year, scholarships will be made available through the national chapter to distinguished members. Refer to the 'Membership' tab for more information.

How do I become a member?

Application forms are available under the 'Membership' tab. After submission of the application and dues, make sure to meet the requirements listed under the same tab which outlines what it takes to become a member.

Do I have to be an accounting or finance major to join?

No. Although the organization is geared towards accounting and finance backgrounds, any business major is welcome to join. The reason for this being that one doesn't necessarily have to be an accounting/finance major in order to be interested in pursuing a career in management. It simply means that once you enter the workforce, your approach to management will have an accounting focus.

Can I still be considered a member if I can't make the meetings due to work/classes?

For those who have work/classes during the time of our meetings but still desire to have an active role in the organization, your best bet would be to attend as many outside events as possible so that you are at least interacting with fellow students and recruiters. Then, if possible, ensure that Mondays from 12:00-12:50 are free for the following semester. 200 points are required for official membership; refer to the 'Membership' tab to see what that entails and if you will be eligible.

Is there a GPA requirement?

No. There currently is no minimum threshold. GPA is an important factor, but it can sometimes overshadow an individual's other significant accomplishments. That being said, membership with IMA-T shouldn't be the goal; instead, actively participate in the organization and use it to enhance your resume which will increase your chances of finding employment.

What sets the CMA apart from the CPA?

A CMA generally deals more with business accounting analysis and strategy, as well as financial management in public or private businesses. A CPA focuses more on taxes and auditing. A CMA can work in more a diverse setting -- such as in an academic institution or a corporation -- and may have the opportunity to travel abroad and use his/her accounting skills if he/she works in a multinational corporation. CPAs generally work in a public accounting firm and must abide by SEC and FASB legislation throughout all aspects of their work. Basically, CMAs have more flexibility in terms of creativity because they run their own business and ultimately are the ones who make the financial decisions that CPAs end up auditing.