About Us

What is IMA-T?

IMA-T is a student professional organization at the Fox School of Business that is open to any business major who demonstrates interest in the management aspect of accounting. IMA-T is dedicated to the professional development of its members by offering a variety of opportunities and activities that promote networking and eventual job acquisitions.

Our Mission

IMA-T aims to help strengthen the career development of student members, forge meaningful and long-lasting relationships between members and company recruiters, and courage students to consider obtaining a CMA (Certified Management Accountants) certification upon graduation.

The Benefits

IMA-T provides you with exposure to top firms and corporations, the chance to meet key professionals and recruiters throughout different industries in the Philadelphia region, the opportunity to learn important interviewing techniques, and the knowledge to build career professionalism.

This is a great opportunity for any business major at the Fox School of Business to build and increase networking experience. Throughout IMA-T, you will learn about full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities at competitive firms, while receiving informative career information. The chances of gaining recognition in your desired field will be heightened through your membership with this organization.