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Nutrition: Freshman 15

The Freshman 15 is a term that many students fear as they enter college.  When students start at Temple University there are a lot of changes in their life all at once, including a new routine, classes, people to meet, places to eat at, foods to choose from, and often times, eating on the run.  While a fifteen pound weight gain is not the norm, there are some key tips to think about if you are trying to prevent weight gain or get back on track if you have gained weight during the transition into college life.

What contributes to the Freshman 15?

  • Exposure to a large variety of food can make healthy decisions more difficult.  Foods from all over the world are found around campus in the Esposito Dining Center, Valaida S. Walker Food Court, Fresh Bytes, Cafe a La Carte, food trucks, and kiosks.  These options include many hard-to-resist offerings that are high in fat and calories.  Healthy food choices are available, and we will work with you to help you find them.
  • Calories in beverages can add up fast.  For example, one 10 oz. Long Island iced tea has as many calories as a Big Mac.  One 12 oz. Margarita holds as many calories as a double hamburger, small fries, AND a glass of chocolate milk.  A café mocha has as many calories as 2 ½ cups of fruit salad or 1 cake doughnut.
  • Eating away from home makes it difficult to control how the food is prepared, and how much is served, both of which can make weight management a challenge.  Review the Dining Out Smart section for ideas to plan ahead for your next restaurant experience.
  • Late night study hours can lead to late-night snacking.  It is hard to make smart food choices when feeling tired or stressed.
  • Students are sometimes less active when they come to college.  Many students were involved in athletics or other activities in high school, and college life is a big change of pace.  For activities available on campus, please visit Campus Recreation.


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