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Housing Students (Meningitis)

Pennsylvania State law requires all college students to receive information about meningitis/meningococcal disease and the vaccine, and to either receive the vaccine before coming to college, or sign a waiver.

In accordance with the law, Temple University is providing information about meningococcal disease (Meningitis) and about the vaccine.

All students assigned to University-owned or operated residential housing, must:

  1. Review information about the risks of meningococcal disease, and the availability and effectiveness of the vaccine;
  2. Decide whether or not you will obtain the vaccination; and
  3. Complete and mail in the Temple University Meningitis Form
    • Have a Physician complete the Certification section as proof that you have received the vaccine, OR
    • Complete the Waiver section if you choose not to be vaccinated for religious or other reasons. If you change your mind later in the semester, you can still get the vaccine at Student Health Services.

REMEMBER:    If you are assigned to University-owned or operated residential housing, you will not be permitted to move in unless you complete the MENINGITIS FORM submitting EITHER: 

Certification that you were vaccinated


the signed Waiver. 

After you complete the Meningitis Form , please make a copy for your records and mail original to:

Student Health Services
1700 North Broad Street, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19121


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