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General Information for Students


Illness can interrupt your school career.  By reviewing and updating your immunization status now, you will have gone a long way towards preventing such a disruption. 

MENINGOCOCCAL vaccine- The American College Health Association (ACHA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend that all college students consider receiving this vaccine due to recent trend of increase in the number of cases of meningococcal infection and meningitis in the 15-24 year old age group.  This vaccine helps protect against this disabling and potentially fatal disease.  Pennsylvania law REQUIRES that college students living in University housing receive this vaccine or sign a waiver. 

Measles/ mumps/ rubella (MMR)-  Outbreaks of measles continue to occur on college campuses in the U.S.; therefore, ALL college students should be immunized against this disease. 

Influenza (Flu) vaccine-  Consider getting this before the end of November.  Students with asthma, in particular, are encouraged. 

Tetanus-Diptheria- Boosters are needed every ten years to maintain adequate level of protection. 

Varicella vaccine- Chickenpox in young adults can be dangerous.  If you have not had the disease, you should have the 2-dose series of this vaccine. 

Hepatitis B vaccine- 3 dose series.  Recommended for all young adults to prevent this infectious liver disease that can be transmitted sexually, as well as by needles, and blood and body fluid exposures. 

Hepatitis A vaccine- 2-dose series.  Advisable before traveling to high-incidence areas, or after known exposure to someone with Hepatitis A.  Also recommended for men with sexual contact with same-sex partners. 

Polio-  Unprotected individuals should get before travel to high-incidence areas. 

TB screening-  Should be done if this test is required or recommended for you. 


Please see your family doctor now to discuss the immunization and screening recommendations and to update what you need based on your personal medical history and records.


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