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Here you can information about all HSC intramural sports and leagues. For 2011/2012 you can participate in basketball, soccer, racquet ball and table tennis. See links to the right or below for specific details.

To view scores, standings, individual statistics and team schedules please click here.

Team Entries

  • Registration for all intramural sport leagues begins in the second week of September.
  • Decide on a sport league in which to participate.
  • Organize friends, house and hall mates, and/or co-workers to form a team.
  • Intramural registration is online and can be accessed from
  • Complete the intramural registration form completely and write your team’s available times on the online form. Ensure that all participants read the waiver, accept the registration form.
  • Pay the corresponding intramural deposit.
  • Attend one of the scheduled captain meetings. Captains meetings are mandatory. If the team captain is unable to attend the captain’s meeting a team member must attend one of the meetings in the captain’s place.  

Free Agents (Individual entered without a team)

Free agent registration is available for individuals who have not been able to join or find a team. Individual free agent registration is available online at Please complete the form.

  • Free agents are expected to attend captain’s meetings in order to attempt to place you with a team.  
  • SFC Activities and Operations cannot guarantee placement of all free agents with a team. 
  • If there are enough free agents to field a team one may be formed.
  • Individual deposits are not required for free agents.

Roster Regulations

  • All participants must read and sign the team roster/waiver form in its entirety.
  • Rosters are capped based on the individual sports. Please see the section below for your sport for roster caps.
  • Players who have not signed the roster are ineligible.
  • When adding a new player, the new player must come into SFC Activities and Operations main office to sign the roster before participating in his/her first game. Players who have not signed the roster/waiver by 5:00pm the day of a game are not eligible to participate that evening. Rosters are not available at the intramural game site.
  • Rosters are “frozen” at the start of the first game of the season. At that time, additions to the roster are not permitted.
  • Participants may only play for one team per league.  Playing in one game declares your allegiance to that team for the remainder of that season/tournament.
  • “Free Agent” players may be added at any time until rosters are frozen.

Participation Deposits

Each intramural team is required to submit a deposit with their team intramural registration for the respective sport. The following information provides a list of deposit amounts for individual sports:

  • High Competition Basketball $150.00
  • Indoor Soccer $100.00
  • Volleyball $0.00
  • Racquetball $0.00
  • Table Tennis $0.00

SFC Activities and Operations accepts deposit payments in the form of cash or money order only. 


  • The intramural participant who paid the deposit is the only person who may initiate and receive the refund.
  • Deposits will go through the Bursar’s office for reimbursement.
  • The SFC Activities and Operations office will need to keep a copy of the initial deposit receipt to give to the Bursar’s office.
  • All refund requests must be submitted within TWO (2) WEEKS AFTER THE FINAL PLAYOFF GAME OF THE RESPECTIVE SPORT. Failure to submit the request may result in your refund being withheld.
  • Deposits will not be refunded under the following circumstances:
    • Failure to attend captains meetings
    • Forfeit
    • Fighting
    • Entry into the league after the registration deadline
    • Not returning loaned pinnies
    • Sportsmanship rating below a C for the season

Individual Participant Eligibility

The following criteria establish requirements for individual intramural participation:

  • Temple University students, faculty, and staff members and TUHS employees.
  • Participants must possess a valid Temple University or Temple University Health System ID. IDs will be requested for verification by an intramural supervisor or scorekeeper prior to each intramural contest. A player who cannot produce an Owl card will not be permitted to play. Any team using an ineligible player will forfeit the contest in question.
  • Participants must be currently paying the recreation services fee either per semester or via payroll deduction.
  • Alumni are not eligible to participate.
  • Students who are a member of a NCAA team or sport club sport team and visiting students, may not participate in the corresponding intramural sport. Student athletes who are listed on the official NCAA or Club roster as of the first game of the season are ineligible. This roster will generally include any red-shirts and/or partial-qualifiers.

League Structure

League structure which includes the number of games and game brackets will be determined by the Recreation Coordinator based on facility availability, time allotment for games and activity schedules. Registered teams must be able to play any time the league is scheduled. Efforts may be made to accommodate team requests for specific preferences when possible.


  • Marketing for intramurals should begin the first week of September.
  • Registration begins the second week of September.
  • All captain meetings begin the last week of September.
  • All intramural sports will begin their leagues the first week of October.
  • Schedules are discussed at captain meetings for each sport. Play-off schedules are determined based on the number of teams or individuals participating but by default will be:
    • Top-eight seeds qualify for playoffs.
    • First round (single elimination): 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5
    • Second round (single elimination): reseeded 1v4, 2v3
    • Finals (best of three)
  • No games will be scheduled during the week of Thanksgiving, and the first half of the season will end the following week. Games resume in the first week of February and no games will be scheduled during Spring break based on the academic calendar.

Cancellations/Game Rescheduling

  • If a team knows they cannot play 48 hours prior to the game, there is a possibility the game can be rescheduled. If it cannot be rescheduled they will have to forfeit.
  • The first forfeit is free. However, the registration fee will not be returned unless the SFC Recreation Graduate Extern was notified 48 hours ahead of time via voicemail at 215-707-7560.
  • If a team has to forfeit again, they will not receive their $150 fee back.
  • Should a team forfeit a third time they will be eliminated from the league.

Captainís Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of all captains to educate team members of all Campus Recreation Intramural policies and procedures. Team captains are expected to meet the following guidelines:

  • Attend one mandatory captain’s meetings. 
  • NOTE: If the team captain is unable to make either of the captain meetings, a representative from the team must attend one of meetings in his/her place.
  • Act as the liaison between SFC Activities and Operations and all team members.
  • Ensure that all players have registered with the SFC Activities and Operations Intramural Staff by providing their valid Owl Card before the start of the game. 
  • Complete the SFC Activities and Operations intramural roster/waiver form with participants’ signatures for the individual sport.
  • Submit the required deposit prior to entry deadline.
  • Represent your team in communications with officials and supervisors. 
  • Educate your team members regarding the consequences of poor sportsmanship for both the individual and the team.
  • Manage the behavior of all team members and spectators.
  • Ensure that team members understand and abide by all the Intramural Sports Policies as posted at
  • Inform team members of the SFC Activities and Operations intramural code of conduct.
  • Inform any ejected players that they must promptly leave the facility in which the competition is being held. Failure to leave the facility will result in a team forfeit.
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