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Student Organiztions are an integral part of campus life and both the Student Center and Student Activities play a role in managing the working life of student organziations.  Much of the infomration needed by our Organizations is managed by Student Activites - registration, fund and space allocation, and the on-line student database are all part of the SA team responsibilities.

Student Centers supervise and maintain the Village space, the mailboxes, and manage the space use by all student groups for programs and events.  Any space that can be used on campus is reserved by the SCO staff for student organizations.

If you have any questions about Student Organization space, reservations, or other program needs related to the Student Center, please email If you have questions about registration, joinging and organization or starting one, the Village space or allocations, please email

We recently completed a set of meetings for all registered student organizations that was required to maintain active status.  At that meeting, Maureen Fisher and Jason Levy presented information in 2 powerpoint shows which we have available for review.  These powerpoints only show a framework for the information - if you have more specific questions about a slide or any of the inomration presented, please contact either Maureen or Jason directly via the e-mail addreses above.

The following 3 documents were presented at the meeting:

Student Centers Presentation - WelcomeBack-SCO

Student Activities Presentation - Welcome Back-SA

Welcome Meeting - Knowledge Quiz

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