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Dean of Students (308)
Fax: 215-204-1663
Phone: 215-204-7188

Temple University is recognized around the world as an institution with high standards and quality students. Temple is a special place full of tradition, history, and passion. The Dean of Students is committed to providing quality programs and services to ensure your time here is time well spent.

Orientation and New Student Programs (318)
Phone: 215-204-8531

Temple University provides a vibrant campus life as well as quality academic programs. The Faculty, Staff and Administration are committed to your success and the Office of Orientation would like to ensure you are introduced to the many departments and resources waiting for you here at Temple.

Student Conduct (318)
Phone: 215-204-8531

The office of Judicial Affairs operates under a philosophy of education in the administration of the Code of Student Conduct.  We serve as a resource for ethical decision making and personal development, maintain confidential discipline records and aid in the maintenance of a safe campus environment.

Student Activities (219M)
Phone: 215-204-7131
Fax: 215-204-1846
By programming and supporting events for the entire student body, The Office of Student Activities hopes to enrich the college experience for every Temple student. We host fun, cultural, and entertaining activities as well as week-long university events for special occasions. We provide advisement to over 200 dynamic student organizations who enhance campus culture every day with their ideas, events and leadership.

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