Transfer Academic Advising

Plan to be on campus for the entire four hour session (8:30am-12:30pm or 1:00pm-5:00pm). We strongly recommend students eat prior to attending Transfer Advising Sessions; food is not permitted in the computer labs used during advising sessions.

What will occur at my Transfer Advising Session?

  • Presentation about your school/college
  • An introduction to the curriculum
  • Meet and greet with academic advisors in your school or college
  • Learn how to register for courses
  • Assistance with course registration
  • Information about University academic resources

How do I prepare for my Transfer Advising Session?

  • Know the location of your Transfer Advising Session: Locations, Campus Map
  • Familiarize yourself with campus parking options and/or public transportation (Orientation does not pay for, reimburse, or validate parking for Transfer Advising Sessions)
  • Familiarize yourself with the University Bulletin, including:
  • Review your DARS (DARS stands for the Degree Audit Reporting System) - Students and advisors use DARS to track and plan students' academic progress toward completion of an undergraduate degree in their declared or proposed major. DARS shows students how their Temple University courses, transfer courses, and courses in progress apply toward degree requirements. To access your degree audit, click on the Student Tools tab in TUportal and then, in the Records channel, click on Degree Audit.
  • Make a list of the following:
    • Any questions you want to ask the academic advisors
    • AP classes and tests completed during high school (if applicable)
    • International Baccalaureate courses or exams taken (if applicable)
  • Submit a photo online to pick up your official Temple University ID Card, the Owl Card, before or after your Transfer Advising Session
  • If you are bringing a parent or family member to advising (not required), please waive your FERPA rights prior to attending your advising session. FERPA rights can be waived in TUPortal, in the emergency contacts section. What is FERPA?

What should I bring to my Transfer Advising Session?

  • Pen
  • TUID#
  • Username and password
  • Evaluation of Transfer Credit Statement (If you have not received this form in the mail from the Admissions Office, you should still attend your Transfer Advising Session)
  • Official or unofficial copies of your most recent transcripts, especially courses currently in progress that have not been evaluated by the Admissions Office yet
  • Syllabi of courses you would like to have reevaluated
  • Photo ID (needed if you plan to obtain your Temple University ID Card, the Owl Card)

Additional Transfer Student Resources: