Meet the Owl Team

The Owl Team staff is made up of approximately 30 undergraduate student leaders and 2-3 student coordinators who serve as an integral part of the summer orientation staff. Owl Team Leaders are knowledgeable, resourceful guides who assist new students throughout the 2-day/1 night summer orientation sessions.

Summer 2015 Owl Team Student Coordinators:

Luke R.

Luke Robinson is a sophomore political science major at Temple University. He is very proud to share the student coordinator internship with Mack and Melonie. In addition to his role as student coordinator, Luke works as a file clerk at Naulty, Scaricamazza & McDevvit, LLC—one of the most prestigious laws firms in Philadelphia. Luke hopes to attend law school following his undergraduate degree at Temple. He is very excited to welcome the Class of 2019 this summer and can’t wait to meet all the future Owls!

Mack C.

My name is Mack Caruso and I am a Sophomore Economics Major in the Fox School of Business. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, which is roughly a five hour drive from Temple’s campus. As I approached my freshman year, I had a cornucopia of fears and anxieties about what lie ahead. Nonetheless, as all incoming freshman do, I registered for orientation and excitedly awaited my introduction to Temple University. What I did not know at the time, was what a profound impact orientation would have on my life. My Owl Team Leader, Jake, was my first college friend and ultimately my first college mentor. The relationships I fostered during orientation not only quelled my anxieties, but built the foundation of what is now my college life. It was because of this prolific experience that I felt the calling to be a part of the orientation team. I strive to provide incoming freshman with the same level of comfort and guidance that I so desperately needed when I was in their shoes.

Melonie C.




The Owl Team Student Coordinators can be contacted at 215-204-8531 or

Summer 2015 Owl Team Student Leaders:

The Owl Team Leaders for summer 2015 have been selected. If you are interested in becoming an Owl Team Leader for 2016, please see the 'Become and Owl Team Leader' page for the application and hiring process.