Registration Instructions for Orientation Sessions

Accessing the Orientation Registration System

Directions to access the Orientation Registration System will be sent to your TUmail email account 2 to 3 business days AFTER completion of all placement testing and New Student Questionnaire (NSQ). A register for orientation link will also appear in your TUPortal in the Next Steps channel when you have the ability to register. Please visit the 'Before you Register' page for information and requirements that must be completed in order to receive the registration email.

Understanding the Orientation Registration System

The Orientation Registration System lists a large number of orientation sessions for Freshmen and Transfer students, Main and Ambler Campuses, and specific populations of students (Athletes, Honors Program, Russell Conwell Center). Please use the guidelines below to locate the session you should register for:

1. You must know your the name of the school or college to which you have been admitted. This information was provided on your admissions acceptance letter.

2. Freshmen should look for a session titled "Freshmen [school/college name] 2-Day Overnight Orientation'. Examples:

- Freshmen Psychology majors should look for "Freshmen Liberal Arts 2-Day Overnight Orientation'.

- Freshmen Biology majors should look for "Freshmen Science & Technology 2-Day Overnight Orientation".

3. When you locate the freshmen 2-Day overnight orientation session with your school or college name, all available session dates for that school or college will be listed together. Most schools and colleges have 2 to 4 session dates available for students to select.

- If a session date is not listed in the Registration System the session is full or closed and we will not be accepting additional students for that session.

- As earlier sessions fill up, the later sessions will become available.

- If you live more than 100 miles from Main Campus and need to arrive the night before your orientation session, please read about the Early Arrival Process and dates, and then select a session that has an early arrival option.

- Students who live a far distance from Temple University and cannot drive or fly to Philadelphia for an orientation session, are encouraged to attend the late August orientation (which occurs a few days before Fall semester classes begin). You must contact the Office of Orientation to be registered for this session, as space is limited.

4. International students and students admitted into the University Honors Program, Russell Conwell Center, and Temple University Student Athletes will not register for an orientation session based on their school or college.

- International Students must register for the session titled "International Students 2-Day Orientation (All Majors) - August 13-14".

- University Honors Program students should register for a session titled "Freshmen Honors 2-Day Overnight Orientation".

- Student Athletes should register for a session titled "Freshmen Athletes 2-Day Overnight Orientation" and corresponds to your sport season.

- Russell Conwell Center students should register for a session titled "Russell Conwell Center 2-Day Overnight Orientation".

5. When you locate the session you would like to register for, click on the box to the left of the session title. A check mark will appear in the box. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Register'. If you registered correctly you will see "Registered Web on [date].

- You will receive a confirmation email when you register. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24-48 hours, you have not registered correctly. To double check that you have registered correctly, or to see your orientation session date, please follow the directions in the first question on our Frequently Asked Question's page.

6. If you receive an error message, please view the chart below of common errors.

Error: Reason:
You are asked for an "Alternate PIN Verification" You have not fully completed all of your requirements to schedule an orientation session. Please refer to the 'Before you Register' link and make sure you have completed the Placement Tests and NSQ. The Alternate PIN will be removed when you have completed the requirements.
Error says "campus restriction" You are trying to register for a session not on your admitted campus. Please contact Orientation to look up your admitted campus, or contact Admissions if you would like your admitted campus changed.
Error says "cohort restriction" or (CHRT) You are registering for the wrong status (Freshmen or Transfer). Or you are an Athlete, Honors student, or Russell Conwell Center student and must register for those specific sessions (not a session by your school or college).
Error says "you do not meet the prerequisites for this course" You are trying to register for a session that is not your correct admitted school or college. Please check your Admissions acceptance letter for your admitted school or college.
Error says "Duplicate course with section ###. Please select alternate course." You are already registered for an orientation session and cannot register for more than one orientation session. See below if you need to change or reschedule your orientation session.

Changing Your Registered Orientation Session

Students cannot change their registered orientation session in the Orientation Registration System. To change your session date, or reschedule a missed session, please call or email the Office of Orientation.

Registration Questions?

Contact the Office of Orientation at 215-204-8531 (8:30am-4:45pm, Mondays-Fridays) or email your question to Please include your full name and TUID number.