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A department within Student Affairs

Experiential Activities

Having a passion for what you currently do is a valuable element of growth in becoming a leader. The Student Leadership Challenge would like to recognize students’ good work. Earn up to 25 Leadership Diamond Points for leadership, service, and engagement in the surrounding community. 

Students who are interested in receiving points through their leadership experience must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete an Experiential Leadership Synopsis Cover Sheet and write a one-page essay discussing how the activity developed your leadership abilities. (Complete one Synopsis Cover Sheet and one-page essay for each experience.) You can obtain the ELS Cover Sheet by sending and email to
  2. E-mail the Synopsis Cover Sheet and essay to an Experiential Leadership Coach (see list below). Schedule a time to meet with your coach to discuss your experience(s).
  3. Attend a 30-minute Experiential Leadership Coaching session.

Contact with any questions