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A department within Student Affairs

Leadership Courses

The Office of Leadership Development understands that one’s education and development is most transformational when in and out of classroom learning is intricately linked. Therefore, the office works to both create and instruct leadership courses and build connections amongst the various Schools, Colleges, and faculty that offer existing leadership-related content.

Leadership Course Sampling

The following is a sampling of courses currently part of the Leadership Studies Academy in the Student Leadership Challenge program [courses listed by department]. Additional Temple University courses with content related to leadership will be considered.

Adult & Organizational Development

2218. Leadership & Communication
2307. Interaction Analysis

African-American Studies
1271. Urban Black Politics
2205. Black Politics in America
3296. The Black Family
4221. The Black Child: Development and Socialization
4248. Dimensions of Racism

American Studies
1042. Work in America
3041. Contemporary Trends in the American Workplace
2071. Immigrant Experiences in America
3096. The American Woman: Visions and Revisions
2021. Philadelphia Neighborhoods
2072. Puerto Ricans in Philadelphia
2901. Quest for the American Dream

3336. Sex Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective
3355. Gender Theory

4252 Regulation and Public Policy

Business Administration
3102. Business Society and Ethics

Career & Technical Education
4324. Cooperative Education

2596. Writing for Business and Industry

General & Strategic Management

3501. Entrepreneurship

4097. Gender, Race, Class, and the City

3229. Superpower America

Human Resource Administration

1101. Organization and Management
2501. Power, Influence, and Negotiation

3708. Newsroom Management
3704. Ethical Issues in Journalism

4896. Leadership

Social Work
3011. The Social Worker in the Group

Strategic Communication
1112. Communicating Leadership
2333. Discussion Methods
2671. Leading Mediated Groups and Organizations
2662. Leading Groups and Team Building
2672. Global Communication and Leadership
2696. Diverse Communication and Leadership

Therapeutic Recreation
2205. Adventure Challenge/Programming

Tourism & Hospitality Management

1114. Leadership
3111. Program and Special Event Planning

3185. Internship I

3211. Management in Sport and Recreation

3311. Management in Tourism and Hospitality

4112. Senior Professional Development

4185. Internship II

1062. Morality and the Law

Public Health
3496. Public Health Programs
3596. Public Health Program Administration
2205. Coping with Life Stress Workshop

Social Work

2003. The History and Values of Social Welfare
3009. Patterns of Service Delivery
4308. Social Transformation
3008. Institutional Racism

1166. Money: Who Has it, Who Doesn’t, Why it Matters
2179. Racial and Ethnic Stratification
3596. Sociology of Organizations
3258. Women and Work

Women’s Studies
2096. The Politics of Diversity
4121. Women and Politics