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Inclusive Leadership Conference Workshops

conference presentation

There are three breakout sessions following the keynote speech in the morning. The first session begins at 11am, the second starts at 1pm and the third is scheduled for 2pm. Each room seats between 50-75 people with the exception of Student Center Room 200 and the Underground. Each presenter has 50 minutes for the entire session (presentation, question and answer period, evaluation) before a 10-minute transition period commences to allow for participants to change rooms.

Breakout Session #1 - 11am-11:50am

The A.E.O.N. Guide to Maximizing Student Leadership by Paury Flowers (Room 205)

Embrace the Discomfort by Reese Blair (Room 200)


Inclusive Leadership in the 21st Century by Adrian Zappala (Room 217B)

Discovering Identity to Better Lead with Others by Justin Brown (Room 217C)

Tale of Two Cities by Kenny Jones (Room 217D)

Toy Story Leadership by Paulina Leone (Room 220)

Lifesaver Certificate Program by Michael Kovich (Room 223)

Diversity and Inclusion: Student Leader to Civic Leader (Cinema - Ground Floor)


Breakout Session #2 - 1pm-1:50pm


Running Across America: 50 States of Leadership by Jeffrey Fazio (Room 217B)

SaySomething@Temple Bystander Intervention Program by Rachel Ginsberg (Room 217C)

LinkedOut: LGBT Leadership Lessons by Dave Lanza (Room 217D)

Leading Beyond Binaries by Aneesah Smith (Room 220)

The Danger of a Single Story by Thea Austin and Karen Fox (Room 223)

Colorism, A Divide Within A Culture by Nu'Rodney Prad (Cinema - Ground Floor)


Breakout Session #3 - 2pm-2:50pm

LGBT Representation: From College Campuses to Hollywood by Joseph Peltzer (Room 200)

The Matthew Principle by Lisset and Joel Avery (Room 205)*** Please see directions below if you plan on attending.

Not Just MY-croaggressions: Taking Ownership to Create Inclusivity (Room 217A)

Problem Solving for College and Beyond by Carly Badke (Room 217B)

Community Organizing and Diversity by Michelle Feldman (Room 217C)

Moving Beyond the "Like" Button by Ryan Murphy (Room 217D)

Young Women Making Change by Emily Wyner (Room 220)

What's Your Engagement Style? Planning Your Own Path As A Volunteer and Civic Leader by Justine Hammerli Room 223)

Fifty Shades of Green: The Army's Coalition of Diversity by Captain Daniel Peck (Cinema - Ground Floor)



Note: Please take this survey if you are attending the session entitled, "The Matthew Principle"

Take the Virtues in Action Survey and bring your individual results (see below). This is an assessment to help you apply a strengths-based approach to your work and personal life. It will take about 15 minutes to complete.


  • Log onto this website:
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the registration information. You will need to create an account with a password. Note: VIA does not spam you with information unless you give them permission to contact you.
  • Once you have submitted your registration, the site will take you to the “Take a Survey” page. Select the radio button next to “I want to take the VIA 120”.
  • Once you complete the free survey, print out your results and bring them with you to the session.