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NEW TU Diamond Leadership Program Overview

Beginning in the Fall of 2015, the Office of Leadership Development will launch a new leadership program. We are expanding the Diamond Leader Initiative to accomodate the overwhelming number of students we have participating in our programs. We believe that continued learning and partnership with the community is necessary to make you the most effective leader you can be. Learning, growing and leading with the Office of Leadership Development allows students to: find purpose, set goals, take action, and get results.

We want you to continue your leadership development journey with us through the new TEMPLE UNIVERSITY DIAMOND LEADERSHIP PROGRAM! The new program is a multi-tiered leadership initiative designed for continual engagement in leadership development. Each tier focuses on an important element of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and incorporates the Five Leadership Challenge principles.

We are inviting all students who are interested to join either the first or second level of the new initiative.

The first level – Cherry – focuses on self-awareness. Students will learn about leadership theory and its practical application through interactive and engaging programs. In focusing on skill-building, students will illustrate effective verbal and written communication skills. Students will walk away with an increased knowledge of intercultural competence and a meaning of social justice. Participants will identify and write a personal mission, vision and values statement.  

The second level – White – focuses on group dynamics. Students will learn how to combine their talents with others and work effectively in teams. Participants will understand how to lead with integrity and meaning which includes demonstrating the practice of ethical leadership.

Students who wish to earn admission to the Diamond Leader program will have to host or support a fellow Diamond Level student in three events, one in each of the following areas - developmental, training and service –to earn the medallion to wear with their academic regalia at the commencement ceremony.

We are inviting all former Diamond Leaders to join the third level – Diamond – which focuses on community engagement and involvement. Participants will plan events or activities that engage other students in developing leadership skills in three areas – developmental, training and service. Students will demonstrate a commitment to social justice through a commitment to positive impact on the community (Temple, north Philadelphia, etc.). Registered members will graduate from the program with the ability communicate their leadership skills and abilities, and show they can effectively facilitate reflection and discussion in groups and communities.

The next step in this process is to review the DLP handbook and complete the DLP registration form. Once you have completed registration, we will send the Leadership Action Plan document and the self-assessment and evaluation links for you to complete on August 20, 2015. If you need access earlier, please let us know so we can work to provide it for you.

Please feel free to make an appointment to speak one-on-one with our office and plan your involvement in the Diamond Leadership Program. We are eager to ensure that your experience with us is constructive and meaningful. Simply send an email to and we will respond to schedule an appointment.

We look forward to working with you as you become a Diamond Leader!