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A department within Student Affairs

Joining the movement

Who can join?

All students enrolled at Temple University, including branch campuses and graduate students, are welcome to participate in the Temple University Student Leadership Challenge. We especially want to serve and empower students who have taken on the challenge of serving as elected leaders on Temple’s campus, but understand that leadership is a relational process that can be applied in all contexts.

To become a Diamond Leaders students must complete the application process.

How do I join?

The best way to find out about our programs is to add yourself to our TU Student Leadership Challenge Listserv and TU Student Leadership Challenge Blackboard site. Messages sent out over our listserv will notify you of upcoming events and other involvement opportunities on and off campus. Instructions are listed below:

How to Join TU Student Leadership Challenge Listserv

  • Visit our Listserv Page
  • Type your e-mail address and name in the spaces provided
  • Click the "Join StudentLeadershipChallenge" box
  • Wait for a confirmation e-mail in your Inbox
  • Click on the link it that e-mail to confirm your enrollment
  • You are now added!

How to add TU Student Leadership Challenge to your Blackboard Organizations

  • Access TUportal. Type in your username and password
  • Click on the Blackboard heading at the top
  • Click on the Organizations tab on the left
  • Type TU Student Leadership Challenge in the Search for Organization box
  • When you find TU Student Leadership Challenge (19174), click on the Enroll button (located on the right)
  • Click submit and then OK
  • You are now enrolled!

How can I keep track of how many Leadership Diamond Points I have earned?

The Temple University Student Leadership Challenge on Blackboard is the mechanism to track your participation in the various TU Student Leadership Challenge activities. This includes courses, seminars, service opportunities, leadership conferences, etc. Participation in each of these activities earns you Leadership Diamond Points.

How to check your points on Blackboard

  • Log onto your Blackboard
  • Click on “TU Student Leadership Challenge”
  • Click on “Tools”
  • Click on “My Grades”
  • This will show you what events you have attended and how many points you have earned through this attendance.  Remember, you need 50 Leadership Diamond Points to apply for the Diamond Leaders program.

Note: These points are for the Leadership Challenge only, you will not receive academic credit for your involvement in The Challenge