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A department within Student Affairs


Student life encompasses everything from study abroad opportunities to internships, work-study and professional development. The opportunity to go beyond the classroom can mean the difference between simply receiving an education, and truly having a transformative experience that helps chart the course of a student’s life.

OwlCrowd 2013

OwlCrowd is the vehicle. You are the difference. Join Temple University's crowdfunding community where select Temple opportunities are featured for a 45-day cycle, raising money and awareness. Your gift, plus those of others, can fuel these initiatives and set them in drive. Gifts of every amount, whether $25 or $1,000, could help a student have a book for Biology 101, support a 20/20 scholar, or empower a young entrepreneur’s ability to start a business. Donate and share your favorite cause today—the first campaign ends on September 30th.

Leadership Giving

To give directly to leadership programs at Temple University, visit the