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A department within Student Affairs

The Diamond Leader program is for students who have completed the Student Leadership Challenge program and are looking for additional opportunities to learn and grow as a leader.

Diamond Leaders commit to:

  • Uphold a strong sense of self-awareness and a habit of reflection to understand and appreciate personal strengths, values, leadership philosophy, and the best approach to working with others
  • Recognize the complexities and have a working understanding of living and leading in diverse contexts within our networked, globalized world
  • Identify personal passions, a vision for the future, and a guided understanding of vocational/career aspirations
  • Exhibit core leadership skills and competencies for effective leadership in groups and teams (e.g. oral/written/interpersonal communication, budgeting, conflict management, etc.)
  • Develop a sense of social responsibility and integrity as an engaged citizen of the world

The program is designed for students who have at least two semesters remaining before graduation.

2014 Diamond Leader application

Applications are available online at the beginning of the Spring semester. The deadline for submission is the final business day of March. Applicants must have at least 50 points by the end of March to apply. Application packets must be complete (cover letter, resume, letter of reference, SLC points) by the final day of March in order to be accepted. No exceptions will be made.

*Note: Students graduating in May or December of 2014 will not be accepted during the March 2014 enrollment period. Students who complete the Student Leadership Challenge by March 2014 will still be eligible for the certificate of completion but will not be allowed to apply to the Diamond Leader program.