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Applying for an Assignment in an LLC

To apply for space in a Living Learning Community, students will visit the TUportal then click on the MyHousing application. On the MyHousing Forms Page, students can access the Housing On-Demand site that contains the Living Learning Community Application. Students will need to submit their request electronically by visiting the Housing On-Demand site.

In order for your Living Learning Community application to be officially submitted, you must agree to all program requirements of the Living Learning Community and have completed step one (1) of the Housing Selection Process that is to submit a housing deposit. Regardless of when you submit your Living Learning Community application, housing assignments will be based on your housing deposit date.

Following the submission of your housing deposit and Living Learning Community on-line application, requests will be recorded in our system as “pending.” Administrators from University Housing & Residential Life and Living Learning Community Programs will review requests and either approve or deny them. Following an approval, a representative from the Office of Assignments and Billing in University Housing & Residential Life will manually assign your space upon the space suggestions of Living Learning Community administrators. At this time, roommate requests will be considered for students accepted into the program, otherwise you will be randomly assigned with another Living Learning Community applicant.