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Tyler School of Art Living Learning Community

Students have access to a residence hall-based studio space and support from other students in the Tyler School of Art program through enrichment activities. The Tyler School of Art Living Learning Community aids in retention of students during a very intense foundation program during their freshman year. Students have had the opportunity to connect with the Tyler Dean's Student Advisory Committee, which creates events and activities to enhance the Temple Student Community. Past events have included co-sponsoring the Craft Bash, a craft-activities event open to the Temple community, and a meditation drum circle. LLC members also created a Create and Care event last year, making projects as gifts for the children in the Norris Apts After School program and the senior citizens at Casa Del Carmen.

The Tyler LLC is currently housed in Peabody Hall.

For more information please contact:
Kari Scott or Carmina Cianciulli, Program Administrators
Maegan Tomasello, Peer Mentor

Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to critically analyze work
  • Understanding of resources and methodologies for the Tyler disciplines
  • Understanding of the conventions of the discipline


  1. Must be registered in a Tyler School of Art Program.
  2. Participate in some of the programs sponsored by the Tyler School of Art.
  3. Must take/ have previously taken course FDTN 1501- Introduction to Art and Design, if required by major.
  4. Participate in courses as directed by the Tyler School of Art.
  5. In the event a housing assignment was booked in another accommodation, submitting the request for this LLC will allow University Housing and Residential Life to cancel any bookings made previously in order assign you to this LLC.